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Updated: Storm Arcana Presents: The Theban Mysteries Series


I’m super excited to present my new series of mixed media collage paintings: THE THEBAN MYSTERIES! I’ve always been drawn to the lyrical lines of the ancient Theban alphabet and found it a great joy to incorporate the strange 16th century cipher script with comic book artwork, Tarot cards, and decorative art paper.

After carefully creating collage compositions, I added multiple strokes of paint to build depth and playfulness to each artwork. It was fun to discover what images survived the layering process. The Theban messages were added near the end and spell out the title of each painting. There are nine splashy pop culture pieces in total. Add one of THE THEBAN MYSTERIES to your art collection today!

Note: A separate shipping invoice will be sent after purchase for buyers located outside of San Francisco.



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Four Years of Feedback

4 of Wands

On January 10, 2010, Heroic Tarot received its first Yelp review. Four years later and the love is still going strong. I am extremely grateful for being granted the gift of sharing my Tarot knowledge with the public. Being of service is a privilege that I greatly treasure. Thank you to all of my clients who have shared their stories with me. Thank you for trusting me with your dreams, fears, goals and joys. Thank you to everyone who took the time to write a review. To celebrate, I wanted to share the first and still one of my favorite reviews of Heroic Tarot:

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Heroic Tarot Tuesday: Major Arcana X-Men, Part VI


6 The Lovers: Rogue

“The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely.” ~C.G. Jung

Today we continue our look at the Major Arcana of the Tarot through the lens of Marvel’s X-Men comic book characters! Thus far we have discussed Professor X as the MagicianStorm as the High PriestessJean Grey as the EmpressCyclops as the Emperor and Nightcrawler as the Hierophant! This week we celebrate Rogue as the Lovers!

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Heroic Tarot Named Best of the Bay by Refinery 29!

X-Men Tarot Super fun fashion site Refinery 29 just released their picks for top psychics and readers in San Francisco and Heroic Tarot made their list as the Best Tarot experience in the City!  Here’s what they had to say:

Storm at Heroic Tarot not only tells it like it is, but he is extremely detailed and goes beyond the typical reading to explain the symbolism in each card dealt. Plus, he makes the reading incredibly interesting by using X-Men tarot cards. Um, how awesome is that? He’s raved about for a reason, which is adding his quirky signature to this distinct style of readings.

There’s a lot of great people and places on their list, so be sure to check it out!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart, San Francisco fashionistas!  There is a great future ahead for all of us!  And to share the fashion love right back atcha, here’s some great comic book fashion for you lovelies, both old and new!

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Storm Sunday: Terry Austin

Rogue_Storm_Shadowcat_Lockheed_0001This is a lovely piece of 80s magick by penciller/inker extraordinaire Terry Austin!  I have a warm spot in my heart for punk rock Storm and especially love the more unrefined Rogue fresh from her Brotherhood of Evil Mutants days.  However, Rogue looks very glamorous here, probably the most I’ve seen her.  She’s so calm she’s almost melting.  Kitty looks spectacular and the humor of the dragon biscuit really brings some dimension to her character.  There’s a beautiful sense of the time this was drawn.  Those random planets and sharp lines, along with the type combined as setpiece really capture 80s design.  This is a strong portrait as well as delightful time capsule!

Stumptown Bound! And What’s Up With These “Dark X-Men”?

Hello, dear readers, I am off to Portland for the first time to experience the wonders of Stumptown! (Google it, I have not the time to link as I am waiting for my plane shuttle as I type). I will not unable to post until I return early next week! I will take notes, however, and will transcribe for your amusement/edification/entertainment at a later date!

Until then! Keep rocking the comics!


In the meantime, check out this X-Men tease and if you feel led, please comment on what you think about it. I’d love to know your opinions on this bold direction Marvel is taking (laughs).darkxmenSpoiler:  The winged guy is not Angel.  Think back, way back to the original 5 and you might recognize that big M and remember the guy who had all the powers of Angel, Beast, Cyclops. Marvel Girl and Iceman combined: MIMIC! (Yes, you’ll have to Google him on your own too, my apologies!)

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