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Inviting All Super-Heroes To Swankety Swank’s Team Valor Event!

It is my pleasure as curator to present  Team Valor, an art show/dance party featuring the work of local San Francisco Bay Area comic book artists!

Come visit Swankety Swank on Saturday, June 19th and check out the work of Darick Robertson (The Boys), Ted Naifeh (Courtney Crumrin, Polly & The Pirates, The Good Neighbors), Ed Luce (Wuvable Oaf), Justin Hall (Glamazonia, True Travel Tales, Hard To Swallow) and Amy Martin (Bachelor Girl, The Single Girls)!

We will also have super-hero inspired paper dolls by Swankety Swank co-op artist Kathryn Bernard, SwankSpeak! #4, and Princess Witch Boy #2 by Yours Truly!

DJ Bearzbub will be spinnin’ dance tunes to get your blood pumpin’!  The party starts at 7pm ’til 11pm!  $5-$10 Suggested donation.

Flier above features (from top clockwise): Wuvable Oaf by Ed Luce, Super-Hero Tryst by Justin Hall, Polly & the Pirates by Ted Naifeh, and Ed Luce’s Wuvable Oaf Green Lantern parody.  Flier design by Yabette.

Flier below features: Galaxy Runway and Mishkiva by STORM.  Flier design by Yabette.


STORM Sunday: Princess Witch Boy Press!

Last week’s Alternative Press Expo was amazing!  Debuting my first mini-comic was a great experience.  I loved seeing a lot of people I talked to last year as well as meeting a horde of new folks this year!  Press has been very kind to me and my funny book endeavor and I am feeling so much gratitude that it is simply quite humbling, dear reader!

Princess Witch Boy made it into the take home pile of JK Parkin from Robot 6 of Comic Book Resources, Comicvine reporter Sara Lima interviewed me on the first day of APE in a heartfelt exchange of mutual admiration, and JK Parker quotes me in his article about “The Garage Band of Comic Cons.”

Sara Lima is the Lois Lane of our generation!  Her energy is infectious! You can really tell that she loves comics!  Check her articles out on Comicvine and chat her up in the comments section!  Start up a conversation with her about Batman, Nightwing, Batgirl or Namor the Submariner, but make sure you know what you’re talking about!  Not only is she smart like Lois Lane, but she is also tough like Wonder Woman!  To wit:
wonder sara

wonder sara 2I really wish I had met Sara at WonderCon when I was dressed as Black Widow! What fun we would have had!  There’s always next Con!

So, after you watch the video and read JK’s articles, check out two pages from Princess Witch Boy.  The meaning behind the pages may seem a bit esoteric, but please remember that they are taken out of context.  I wanted to share some of the work without giving it all away.   The image below depicts Princess Witch Boy drawing under the protective powers of an Egyptian Goddess.  (And yes, these pix have ginormous borders).

Princess Witch Boy Book One, Page 9
I had a hard time coming up with a three dimensional design for the Goddess, and by that I mean I wanted a more realistic approach to her without resorting to flat hieroglyphs.  For a few weeks I was really stuck.  Then on my birthday I went to the Tutankhamen exhibit here in San Francisco and I had a sign.  My Goddess was beautifully rendered at the head of a Queen’s sarcophagus and her sister was at the feet.  Yes, I’m being deliberately vague about the identity of the Goddess right now and I never call her by name in the pages of Princess Witch Boy.  However, I do draw her hieroglyph in the book.  So it’s not exactly a secret, but it’s also not important that I name the Goddess in Book One.  There’s already enough people to get to know in the beginning.  I will reveal more about this Goddess in Book Two.
Princess Witch Boy Book One, Page 12
Velvet is one of the three women that Princess Witch Boy turns into in his imagination.  Her story runs concurrently with his in Book Four.   Velvet is a magickal hybrid of human and djinn.  As such, she has untapped potential and power.  However, Vivian Van Ray, the daughter of billionaire tycoon Count Vincent Van Ray, would rather stay at home in her greenhouse studio and paint all day.  Then something happens that rips her from the safety of her father, her art and her home.  A betrayal of blood at first and the worst of all prisons in the end.

Velvet is a very important character for me because she was the first superhero that I traced off of a comic book to get the proportions right.   I used to trace all of the bodies for my female characters off of Storm from Classic X-Men #3 and the How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way image of Susan Storm.  The Reed Richards image from the book was used in conjunction with a Hal Jordan Green Lantern comic to trace the bodies of the male characters.  I’ve have drawn Velvet all of my life and she’s gone through many incarnations.  I love her most recent one the best and that is how it should be.  Looking forward to sharing her story with you, dear reader.

However, now I must show you some fun pictures from APE antics!  Indulge me! if you will, as I celebrate some fabulous folks!  What an amazing coincidence that I appear in every photogtraph!  Enjoy!

tristan storm pwb

My buddy the wizard wunderkind Tristan Leder shows his Princess Witch Boy pride by wearing the appropriate color for the launch!  Much love to Wuvable Oaf for bringing the pink in the first place!  Check out Tristan’s blog for some amazing King City art by Brandon Graham!

oafsMore Wuvable Oaf love brought to you by yours truly and the #1 White Queen fan in the multiverse Ken Kneisel!

writers old fashioned foursomeWriters Old Fashioned give good booth!  From left to right, yours truly, Emily Stackhouse, DangerBob and Steph Godfrey!

james n meAnd I leave you with one of my favorite images from the weekend.  At Isotope’s APE Aftermath party, James Sime relays very important information to me and I pay close attention.  Time has stopped and we are casting spells like the comic book sorcerers that we are!  Or maybe he’s telling me to go clean up all the empty cocktail cups off of the window ledge.  Yeah, that’s probably it.


Goteblüd Covers the Walls of New College Of California & It Looks Great!

wuvable oaf issue one cover

When I told Ed Luce that I would attend the opening for Goteblüd, I had know idea that it was going to take place within the abandoned husk of my old school.   Isuppose I just didn’t read the address, but if I had read it I would’ve instantly recongnized it as the former locale of New College of California.   I mean, I don’t think I repressed the address so deep that I wouldn’t know it at a glance.  I used to address envelopes for the Experimental Performance Institute as a work study student while I earned my MA/MFA in Writing & Consciousness.  After I graduated, I worked as an Admissions Counselor.  I was more than familiar with that address.  Hell, that address was why I moved to San Francisco.  It’s what got me to where I am today.  

But it died.  And it wasn’t pretty.  And it wasn’t just, sacred or sustainable, which were the principles for which it was created. The Administration was as crooked as a lightning strike and it poisoned the heart of the higher learning.  My education at New College was the most phenomenal thing that has ever happened to me.  I learned more about myself (and my community and the world) in two years than I thought possible.  I studied under some of the best minds that this world has in it.  Poets, artists, philosophers, healers, activists, actors, writers, environmentalists, counselors, green lawyers, performers, clowns, singers, lecturers, teachers, students; Everyday my way of thinking was challenged and expanded.  Culturally inherited stereotypes were consistently shattered, imploded and deconstructed.  A place like that could only exist in San Francisco.  

But it went bankrupt.  Morally first and then later, financially.

I was really happy to work for New College after I graduated.  I wanted to give back to the entity that had given me a community of creators in which I found the strength of spirit and the precision of craft to write memoir.  I spoke at Open Houses.  I campaigned for experimental education and a post-modern multi-cultural de-centered authority structures.  I was a cheerleader, channeling my inner Lisa Simpson.  

It lasted 9 months.  It was a messy, painful breakdown and then breakup.  New College of California still owes me $7,000 in back pay.  There was some hearing with the Labor Board and then the Tax Board took it over and New College just recently filed for bankruptcy, or so I heard.  But hey, I at least got my degree!  My year was the last one that did.  Everyone after that has a bunch of credits that don’t count for squat at another institution of higher learning.  But didn’t ya’ll go there knowing that it wasn’t about that degree?  It was never going to get you a job in the first place.  You had to have known that.  New College was always about the education and not the degree.  It was the journey, not the outcome.  Honor your process.

wuvable oaf paper doll

I am standing in what was once the meeting room in which I used to tutor students in writing.  The walls have been painted in rich browns and one wall is ceiling to floor carpeting that incorporates kitty shelves and cubby holes.  It’s a cat’s paradise!  Across from the kitty wall there a Slash ‘zines in a giant grid, individually wrapped in plastic.  The yellowed paper curls around the edges as splashes of printing ink morph into rock and punk stars from a time when drugs and fashion were the coolest.

Those Slash covers are an art piece unto themself.  They are stars to reach for, but perhaps too far away to own.  However, built into the kitty wall are shelves of vintage ‘zines organized by lotsa different categories.  I saw some really cool feminist and gay girl ‘zines and I bought a couple of amazing comics, too!  I passed on a Peter Bagge comics, but I was really impressed to find it there.

And it’s not just ‘zines at Goteblüd!  You can buy issues and original art from Ed Luce’s amazing comic Wuvable Oaf!  I am seriously contemplating how I can get another job to buy some of that art!  His economy of line is amazing!  No wonder Jill Thompson called Ed’s art the best cartooning she had ever seen (And she did, I was there, I know).

From the decay there has arisen a new creation.  I am so glad that Goteblüd has manifested inside those old bones.  Goddess knows that place has needed new blood pumped into it for a long time.  Tonight I walked from Swankety Swank, down Divisadero, through the homo-homogenized Castro, under the orange light of the full moon. The visions of the futures from the day’s X-Men Tarot readings gave way to memories of the past.  My last two clients were students of Writing & Consciousness (They graduated the year before I did).  I had not seen them since the school collapsed and I showed them the flier for Goteblüd.  One of them said, “Wouldn’t it be funny if that was the address for New College?”  

On my walk to Goteblüd, the moon filled me with its burnt light.  I understood that I had to release the feelings I had about New College.  I needed to let it all go.  It was a great moment when i finally arrived at 789 Valencia St. and saw Mark in the street.  We hugged, and I thought, yes, it is the old New College building.  I smiled and breathed in.   There was a sense of satisfaction in my step because I knew that I was walking into the presence of creation.  Life springing forth from the fertile carcass of the best two years of my life.  I was confident in the work produced by my friend Ed Luce and let my love for his art transform my experiences of that building.  

I walked into Goteblüd and let go of New College.  I the midst of a joyful celebration, I found liberation.

Your mileage, as they say, might vary.  This won’t be your experience.  However, if you aren’t reading Wuvable Oaf, then you are doing yourself a disservice.  And if you don’t get a copy,  I’m not sure for how much longer we can be friends.  

Seriously, it is one of my favorite comics.  Go to Goteblüd and check out Ed’s art and rummage through some vintage ‘zines, dear reader!  And if you are of a notion to become an amazing writer AND an exceptional human being, then consider getting a masters degree in Writing & Consciousness.  The program that I graduated from still thrives, having been umbrelled by this entity.  Ain’t life grand?


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