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Mutant Watch: I Can’t Wait For These Comics!

The Scarlet Witch is one of my favorite Marvel Super-Heroes and I am so excited about her return being written by the creator of the Young Avengers Allan Heinberg and drawn by Jim Cheung!  I am in a highly excited state of anticipation for this story!
Wolfsbane returns to X-Factor! There’s gonna be drama! ‘Nuff said!
Wolverine must complete a task set forth in Nightcrawler’s will.   I am curious at to what it might be.  Ought to be interesting (RIP Kurt).
Uh oh. Are Emma and Namor gonna get together? It is a fascinating prospect and could shake up the X-Men leadership status quo.
Milo Manara's X-Women
Words cannot express how amped I am to read Milo Manara‘s adaptation of a Chris Claremont script featuring the women of the X.
I am loving the New Mutants title and am excited about what’s next on the horizon for Xavier’s gifted youngsters.  Part nostalgia for sure, but also very fresh and current in relation to what’s going on in the X-titles.  The X-Men are in it deep these days and the New Mutants are front and center.  Good stuff.
The junior X-Men get their own Forever title! I am so excited about Selene being featured in this title! She’s my favorite Hellfire Club member and one of my favorite Marvel baddies! I look forward to her leadership of the New Mutants!  This cover by Bill Sienkiewicz is amazing!
Another cover variant of New Mutants Forever #1 (by Al Rio).

What’s this? Spider-Man is not a mutant! So true, but I couldn’t pass up sharing this amazing cover from Amazing Spider-Man #641 with you, dear reader!  What an inventive use of color and negative space!

Don’t Call ‘Em X-Babies Anymore!

x-babies nmBill Sienkiewicz +  Chris Claremont + New Mutants = Perfection.  What else is there to say?  I could try to justify or even support why I feel this way, but I’m not going to.  Seek out these stories.  Read them aloud to the teenager in yourself and see how you might be transformed.  Start at New Mutants (the original series) #1 and keep going through #18 (like this Marvel ad recommends).  New Mutants lasted a total of 100 issues and it’s a bumpy ride at times.  Different creative teams and too many crossovers abound (Secret Wars II really takes its toll on these characters), but somehow my love for this era has never faltered.

It never will.

To be hated and to be feared by a world in which you want to find your place is everyone’s thesis on some level.  It’s a timeless tale, the hero’s quest, made better for also being about unity through community.     Do these characters become the next generation of X-Men as they were originally created to be?  Well, yes and no.  Characters in never-ending sequential art periodicals (now referred to as franchises) are not created for resolution.  They can never have the full arc of character growth.  The best the reader can hope for is a poignant chapter that speaks directly to their own experience AT THAT TIME.  That is what the New Mutants did for me.  Perhaps it might do the same for you.  It wouldn’t hurt to find out and besides, Sienkiewicz’s art will enrich your perception of comic book art (Also read Elektra:  Assassin by Sienkiewicz & Frank Miller).

I ♥ The New Mutants, Part III


Alex Ross channels his inner Bill Sienkiewicz for an upcoming cover of a new New Mutants title.  I am loving this cover, (especially since it has Cypher!) but it really needs Karma in it for the win (and yes, I know she wasn’t around much for the era that this image is tapping into, but Xi’an was one of the first five members and I love her).  The good new is that Zeb Wells, the writer for the series, has big plans for Karma and is going to center the first arc around her!new-mutants-bmBob McLeod pencilled the graphic novel and the first three issues of The New Mutants (first series).  His art will be gracing the cover of the one of the upcoming issues of the new series!  Awesome!

Portrait of Death: Joshua Middleton

I fell in love with this piece by artist Joshua Middleton a while back and just recently unearthed it in my files. Middleton has such an airy style that it’s common for folks to judge his work as insubstantial, but I think the opposite is true. It takes a skilled craftsman to use lines so sparingly and evoke such clean, graceful portraits. However, I think he needs a strong colorist to really make his work pop. Check out his art on his site. His New Mutants cover portraits of Magma, Danielle Moonstar, and Wolfsbane are among my favorites, although he’s probably best known for his work on NYX.

But right now, let’s view Neil Gaiman and Mike Dringenberg‘s creation of Death, who debuted in The Sandman, published by DC Comics Vertigo imprint. The spunky sister of Morpheus (more commonly known as Dream or natch, the Sandman) debuted in issue #8 in the first story arc, “Preludes and Nocturnes.” She quickly gained a fan following which led to two spin off mini series (Death: The High Cost of Living & Death: The Time of Your Life). She also guest starred in Tim Hunter’s series The Books of Magic.

I ♥ The New Mutants, Part II

OMGoddess, I just found another amazing Bill Sienkiewicz illustration of the New Mutants on my computer and I had to share it with you! Is it not super stellar? I guess this is right before Cypher joins. *sighs* Someday I’ll do a post on poor Doug Ramsey. But for right now, let’s bask in the glow of awesomeness.

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