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STORM Presents: Princess Witch Boy #2

Princess Witch Boy is a fantasy memoir by STORM, weaving together true tales of one boy’s story with the adventures of three different women from his imagination.  The first issue debuted in November of 2009 at the Alternative Press Expo  in San Francisco.  The second issue debuted at Swankety Swank’s Team Valor event and features the shape-shifting super-spy Replica!  Enjoy! Click on images to make them larger in Flickr.  Feel free to leave your thoughts and reflections in the comments section!Princess Witch Boy #2 (Cover) by STORM

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Witches, Faeries, & Druids, Oh My!


Hi Lovely Readers!

I wanted to take a minute to let you know that I will be attending PantheaCon in San Jose this weekend.  It is my first time attending and I am super-psyched about meeting other witches, faeries, druids and the like.  I am also performing in The Living Tarot, presented by The Circle of Dionysos.  In this magickal presentation, actors embody each of the Major Arcana.  I have been asked to portray the Moon!  I am so excited about my silver and white drag and my non-verbal dance piece I have created (to the tune of Crystal Castles’ “Tell Me What To Swallow”)!   I will be taking photos all weekend and will be sure to blog about my experience once I return!

I will not be available for Heroic Tarot readings this weekend, yet you can make your appointment for the following weekend!  Call Swankety Swank at 415.932.6615 today!

Hope you are all hale and hearty!



Halloween Heroic Tarot!

Halloween falls on a Sunday this year and what better way to observe it than to receive a Heroic Tarot reading?  This is the time of year when the veils between the mundane and magickal worlds are thinnest and it is a great time to find the truth in between!  I will be at Swankety Swank from 11am to 6pm giving readings.  Walk Ins are welcome, but if you would like to make an appointment, email me at HeroicTarot(at)gmail(dot)com!  Blessings to you and yours!

Steve Ditko’s Happy Ending

Ghostly Tales About a month ago I at Community Thrift (my favorite thrift store in San Francisco) and I came across a box of comics next to the register.  Inside, mylar bags contained 5 or 6 comics stuffed into them and you could only judge the lot based on the covers.  Once I saw the cover shown above I was smitten.  The idea of the devil foreclosing on a spell was hilarious.  I simply had to read the story with such an idea.  I decided that this comic was worth the five dollars and I didn’t even care what other comics were in the bag.   Heck, I didn’t even care if the story inside this comic lived up to the cover.  I was entertained plenty already.  And thus, I became the proud owner of Ghostly Tales #139 by Charlton Comics (1979).

HE 1

Once I exited the store, I ripped open the mylar sleeve and rummaged through the comic to find the story with Lucifer and the blonde lady who hadn’t paid her magical mortgage.  Imagine my exultant surprise when I realized that the story in question was actually about a brunette, and that it was drawn by the incomparable artist Steve Ditko! Now I present to you, dear reader, writer Joe Gill and artist Steve Ditko’s “Happy Ending”!

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Storm Sunday: Halloween Special

Halloween may have been yesterday, but today we take a look at some versions of Storm that definitely celebrate the spirit of the holiday!

storm vampireThis classic Bill Sienkiewicz cover depicts Storm as a thrall to Dracula!  This story was a thrilling read when I was younger.  I could not fathom a way that Storm could reverse the vampiric curse!

Uncanny X-Men 159You actually have to read Uncanny X-Men #159 before you read the Annual.  Brent Anderson drew this stunning cover.  Oh, the horror!


This mini-series featured a Storm from an alternate reality who due to her time in Limbo has lost her natural mutant powers and instead relies on magick.

Magik 1 original cover

This is the original artwork of that same cover by the legendary John Buscema!  What an amazing look from behind the scenes!

Storm_as_The_Witch_(by_Andy_Kubert)I leave you with an Andy Kubert drawn Storm dressed as a witch from the 1996 Fleer trading card set.  Happy Halloween!

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