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Storm Sunday: Adam Hughes, Part III

Storm by Adam Hughes Adam Hughes is often called a modern master for his depiction of beautiful women and this post is just one more testament to his artistic abilities!  Whether he’s rocking the covers on DC Comics (like Catwoman, Power Girl or Wonder Woman),  commemorating the many girlfriends of Spider-Man or illustrating pop culture icons (like She-Ra, Chun Li or Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Adam Hughes brings the goods!

The above incredible image of Storm is from Adam’s Deviant Art site and the note from Allison Sohn reads, “Another piece from Adam’s upcoming sketchbook. The amazing thing, I think, about this piece is that there is no real color used. Adam rendered this one with both warm and cool gray scale markers. Together, they read like desaturated color.”

storm2Storm and Jean Grey from the Grant Morrison era.
The winsome Wasp kicks off this collection of Adam Hughes Women of Marvel art cards, followed by Storm (the next three), The Invisible Woman, Mary Jane Watson/Parker (the next three) and ending with Polaris!  Fantastic illos of these awesome characters!
storm3Have you read the WildC.A.T.s/X-Men crossover?  Adam Hughes did the interiors for issue #3 and his cover featuring Voodoo and Wolverine is simply stunning!
XbabesPhoenix takes center stage flanked by Rogue (also here) and Psylocke (also here)!  Be sure to check out this amazing Kitty Pryde sketch and this Black Queen illo (Jean Grey) for more X-Women goodness!

Barry Windsor-Smith Week: Deathmate

Barry Windsor-Smith - Valiant Original ART Deathmate Card 34 Solar
Let’s look beyond the history and final product of the misfired and misconceived project known as Deathmate.  Instead, let us celebrate Barry Windsor-Smith’s artistic involvement with these amazing images of Void and Solar.

I remember being super excited when this project came out because Void (that’s the lady in silver above) was (and still is) my favorite WildC.A.T.  She’s shiny like the Silver Surfer, Russian like the Black Widow and she can teleport.  I was in love (still am).  She also had a really cool (in)action figure and a foil cover.


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