I’ve never been one to know what exactly everyone is listening to, and I’m not the one in my circles of friends that has their finger on the pulse of the freshest tunes, but every now and then a song crosses my path and it becomes my theme song for a little while.  I thought it might be cool to share the one I’m living through right now!  If you haven’t given the album Apocalypso by The Presets a try, I heartily recommend it.  However, I haven’t really listened to the whole thing that much (even thought I did like it when I played it through once or twice) because I keep replaying the song, “This Boy’s In Love.”  I even bought the remix album and I rarely do that.  So, I’m not gonna go all critic for you and try to describe it.  All I know is it makes me dance, propelling me forward into the future.  I hope you enjoy it!

* Five Minutes Later *

The link is here, but do me a favor and do not watch the video.  Simply play the tune without watching the tepid and trite psuedo-narrative that accompanies the song.  I hadn’t seen it until just now (I’m not one to watch much television much less music videos) and damn is it disappointing.  Anyway, play it but don’t watch.  Seriously.  And if you do, and you wanna bitch about it then leave a comment, but I’d rather talk about how the lyrics kick so much poetic ass.  I think the song rocks.  I just wish I hadn’t seen the video because the narrative I had in my imagination was infinitely richer than what I just saw.  Okay, I’ll stop now.  Click this link!  And read the following lyrics:



I stole the keys to the skies, 
we’ll leave this place for the final time, 
no crying words, no goodbyes, 
yes tonight we’re burning all the tough times. 

drown all the fears that we had, 
these are the things that we’ll never understand. 
this time fight fire with fire, 
cause baby tonight, the world belongs to you and I. 

This Boys in love, 
this boys in love 
under city, under city lights. 

dont tell the world what we’ve known, 
we’ve come so far, but theres still a way to go, 
its dark, theres no need for lights. 
when the fire in his eyes is so bright. 

this boys in love, love. 
this boys in love, under city lights. 

tonight, turn out the lights. 
dont wait, too late to die. 
look out, hold on, hold tight. 
tonight all night i’m getting ready so 

love (x4) 
this boys in love, 
[this town, this street, your friends, 
you’ll never see this place again, 
you’ll think about it now and then. 
you’ll never see our face again.