I am a huge fan of Tom Spurgeon and of his blog, The Comics Reporter and I follow it regularly.  Mr. Spurgeon (I feel weird calling him Tom) is articulate, reflective and intelligent and is perhaps the only true reporter left in comics journalism, in my humble opinion.  I recently found an amazing radio episode from The Author Meets The Critics mentioned in one of his posts that features Al Capp and Dr. Frederic Wertham debating about the Schmoo (a creation from Mr. Capp’s ‘Lil Abner comic strip).  If you click on this page and then scroll down halfway until you see The Author Meets The Critics 481010 29m59s The Schmo.mp3 then you can listen to this amazing radio episode!  It is so awesome (and strange) to hear the voices of these influential men!  Thank you, Tom Spurgeon for posting this link!

Dolce & Gabbana’s Fashion Show Winter 2011 is now on their site.  You can view their Men’s Line here.  I was hypnotized by the runway video and I love the clothes, but I have a hard time reconciling the inspiration for the line with the company itself.  Is Dolce & Gabana mining the imagery of the middle working class for super expensive clothes?  Is it really a celebration of “Heritage” as their backstage signs say or is this the theater of the rich?  Can it be both?  Perhaps nostalgia mixed with couture?  Watch it and let me know what you think.  Either way, I want those outfits.  Thanks toDan’l Linehan for alerting me to this show.

I recently read Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art and was dumbfounded by its simple yet profound contents. Anyone who claims to be an artist or wishes to be one needs to read this book. You will be amazed and it will change the way you see your artistic process forever. Bold statements to be sure, but meant wholeheartedly, just like the title. Many thanks to Kirsten Baldock for lending me this book