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Heroic Tarot: The Pentacle Tarot Spread

The Pentacle Tarot Spread

I am always on the lookout for new ways to read the Tarot. Recently I was reading old journals of mine and came across this drawing of a spread. I do not remember where I found it or who created it. So if you recognize it, please let me know. For now I am calling it The Pentacle Tarot Spread. There is already a popular Pentacle Spread, but that one has only five cards and focuses on the elemental directions (including Spirit). Let’s check it out!

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Heroic Tarot Academy

Page of PentaclesIt is what we know already that often prevents us from learning.           ~Claude Bernard

Would you like to learn how to use the Tarot as a synchronicity attraction system for your own personal transformation?  Heroic Tarot Academy is now accepting new students! Each class is a one-on-one experience with a specialized curriculum designed for your individual needs.  Storm Ricon is an award-winning Tarot reader with many years of study and years of professional practice. He is currently teaching students with varying degrees of experience and can customize a class for you.

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Hone Your Intuition With Heroic Tarot Workshops! (Updated)


Returning to San Francisco after being gone for five months has been like putting on my favorite pair of jeans.  So comfortable and fashionable too!  Many thanks to all the lovely folks who have received Heroic Tarot readings thus far at Swankety Swank and at Alternative Press Expo! In addition to my individual October appointments, I am now offering classes at Workshop on Thursday October 20, Sunday October 30, and Saturday November 5!  Here’s what’s in your future:

Ditch that daily horoscope addiction and leave the ouija in the closet with your VHS copy of Witchboard.  The true path to keeping tabs on your future moves is Heroic Tarot!  In this new class on DIY divination, you will hone your intuition with award-winning Heroic Tarot reader STORM! For both complete beginners and experienced practitioners, this class offers an overview of important Tarot concepts. You will examine the Major and Minor Arcana, the Court cards, and the the elemental suits. Then the class will interact with one another as revolving partners for perception training exercises. Learn how you can use the Tarot as a tool for connection and communication with Divine energy!  Oh, and did we mention that the X-Men were involved?  STORM’s notorious X-Men Tarot deck will be exhibited in class.  I mean…X-Men AND the occult?  Like having Stan Lee draw your future while Jimmy Page composes the soundtrack.  Um, yes please.

Heroic Tarot October Schedule (Updated)

Saturday, October 15 – This evening Swankety Swank kicks off the Halloween season with Quintessential, celebrating San Francisco Spirit!  I will be giving mini Heroic Tarot readings all evening!  Event begins at 7pm and lasts until 11pm.

Sunday, October 16 – 2 & 4pm.

* * *

Thursday, October 20 – 8-10pm – Heroic Tarot CLASS at Workshop!

Friday, October 21  – 1, 2 & 4pm

* * *

Saturday, October 29 – 2, 3 &  5pm.

Sunday, October 30 – 2-4pm – Heroic Tarot CLASS at Workshop!

Friday, November 4 – 1, 3 & 4pm.

Saturday, November 5 – 3-5pm – Heroic Tarot CLASS at Workshop!

* * *

My travels begin anew on November 6 as I visit New York City!  If you would like an in-person reading with me during October, make your appointment today!

Blessings to you all for this wonderfully spirit-filled season!




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