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The Heroic Age: X-Men

Wolverine Heroic Age Profile

We’ve already looked at The Heroic Age: X-Men file cards of Storm and Emma Frost, and now we look at the rest of mutants who appear to be the official roster of the X-Men.  These mini-dossiers are “written” by former Captain America Steve Rogers as he assesses every super-powered individual on the planet.  Wolverine leads the pack.  I find Steve’s worries about Wolverine to be similarly expressed in his writeup about Storm and her loyalties to the X-Men and the Black Panther.  Hasn’t Steve been balancing his loyalties to S.H.I.E.L.D., the Avengers and his country all of these years?  Surely he knows people can belong to more than one organization and still fulfill their duties.  What I find rather hilarious (in a purely hypocritical way) is how the former Captain (and World War II veteran) professes to be against Wolverine’s killer ways (and acknowledges that having him on the Avengers is bad publicity) but he chooses to ignore it because he’s a “valuable resource.”  I suppose it would take a mind smarter than Steve’s to reconcile the paradox that is Wolverine. Wolvie is just one of the eighteen heroes (counting Storm and Emma)–who are considered active X-Men–looked at through the eyes of a super-soldier…

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White Queen Wednesday: Heroic Age X-Men

An Emma Frost Salon
by Ken Kneisel

Emma Frost Heroic Age Profile

Welcome to White Queen Wednesday, gentle reader. This week we turn our attention to Emma Frost’s latest evaluation by former Captain America and current head of all things Avengers, Steve Rogers. Having previously scrutinized the entire super-powered community of the Marvel Universe at length, heroes and villains alike, Steve has now decided to specifically size up the remaining mutants among the X-Men and their affiliates and enemies. However, his new profile of Emma Frost leaves something to be desired.

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