nightc010_col_1This is one of my favorite covers because it features Nightcrawler and utilizes tarot iconography.  Darick Robertson drew this image for the tenth issue of the  Nightcrawler ongoing series that lasted 12 issues.  I love Nightcrawler with the Soulsword because this character is alternately known for his deep spirituality and his cavalier pirate-like gymnastics.  Having a mystical sword blends two distinctly different aspects of the character together in a profound way.  Kurt is able to use the Soulsword due to his strong moral compass and faith, and he is able to wield a sword effectively and with flair in combat (and fiery swords simply look cool).  Ultimately, the sword is Illyana Rasputin’s, but I’d love to see Kurt get his own.    

The fate of Magik, Nightcrawler and the Soulsword is currently being featured in the X-Men:  X-Infernus mini-series and Darick Robertson’s art can be seen monthly in The Boys.