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Storm Sunday: Yildiray Cinar

storm by cinar

Today we celebrate the artwork of Yildiray Cinar, an artist from Istanbul, Turkey.  Although Cinar works for DC Comics (currently penciling The Legion of Super-Heroes), today we look at the art of many (and I mean many) Marvel characters he drew for Rittenhouse Archives.  Usually, Storm Sunday focuses solely on our weather maven (and she’s in here, I promise), but she’s going to share the spotlight with her Marvel Universe compatriots.  I will list the names of the characters for the uninitiated, but comments will be sparse as we let the art speak for itself!  If you have a favorite, let me know in the comments.  Let’s go!

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Supernatural Marvel Solicits for January


These comics aren’t coming out until January, but their subject matter sure seems appropriate for Halloween!  Chaos War rages on and some undead X-Men get in on the action.  Who will rise?  Will any of them return to the living for good?  I’m a big fan of the original Thunderbird, but I’m really crossing my fingers for Banshee’s resurrection!  Here’s hoping!

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