Wonder Woman #39 by Aaron Lopresti Wonder Woman is positively electrifying in this amazing cover by Aaron Lopresti (#39). If you’ve been reading Wonder Woman lately you know how Gail Simone has been putting Diana through her paces in a big way! If you haven’t been reading, you can might consider jumping on now! Big things are in store for everyone’s amazing Amazon!
Wonder Woman #37 by Aaron LoprestiAchilles holds Diana in a headlock while she is menaced by her–mother!?!  This cover of issue #37 is another beautiful piece of art by regular Wonder Woman artist Aaron Lopresti!
Wonder WomanThis lifelike Wonder Woman design originated from the creative powers behind Fan Art Exhibit!  There are also images of this suit battle damaged and a gorgeous rendition of Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons!  I encourage you to check out the other wonderful photo manipulations on this site!