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Updated: Storm Arcana Presents: The Theban Mysteries Series


I’m super excited to present my new series of mixed media collage paintings: THE THEBAN MYSTERIES! I’ve always been drawn to the lyrical lines of the ancient Theban alphabet and found it a great joy to incorporate the strange 16th century cipher script with comic book artwork, Tarot cards, and decorative art paper.

After carefully creating collage compositions, I added multiple strokes of paint to build depth and playfulness to each artwork. It was fun to discover what images survived the layering process. The Theban messages were added near the end and spell out the title of each painting. There are nine splashy pop culture pieces in total. Add one of THE THEBAN MYSTERIES to your art collection today!

Note: A separate shipping invoice will be sent after purchase for buyers located outside of San Francisco.



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Storm Sunday: Dan Brereton

Nobody brings the spooky and the sexy the way Dan Brereton can! This image of Storm and Rogue from their punk rock days is a true gem!  Those eyes!  Those curves!  Those amazing eyebrows that go on forever!  Okay, I have to admit, I love Dan’s work.  There’s just something simultaneously ethereal and hard-edged about his lush paintings.  His characters have a strong presence that feels both realistic and animated to me.  Rogue looks like she’s ready to fly out of the picture and throw you around (And who would mind, really?).

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