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Indi from the Faeries Oracle by Brian Froud

“Nothing can be truer than fairy wisdom.  It is as true as sunbeams.” ~Douglas Jerrold

This month Heroic Tarot celebrates the wisdom of the fae as found in the divination decks of Brian Froud! Famed conceptual designer and costume designer for the films Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal, as well as artist for The Faeries’ Oracle and The Heart of Faerie, writes that “the connection with the faeries is wonderful because it gives us an opportunity to experience the world in an open and connected way.” Froud believes that “there is great wisdom to be gained if we allow them to turn our prejudices and preconceptions upside down.” Heroic Tarot is proud to include them in readings with traditional Tarot cards and the X-Men superhero deck.

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Adam Hughes: The Women of the DC Universe

This DC Comics promotional piece has been getting a lot of buzz on the internet and if you’re a hardcore comics fan you’ve probably already seen it, but I just had to post it on my own little strand of the web.

I love how Hughes has really invested the drawings of each character with touches of their signature styles and character traits. I only wish that Marc Andreyko’s Manhunter was more of an A list character to be included. For more of Adam Hughes amazing artwork, visit his site here.
From left to right we have Catwoman, Oracle (in front of her), Zatanna, Black Canary, Power Girl, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Vixen, Batwoman (seated), Poison Ivy & Harley Quinn. My only quibble is that my girl Helena Bertinelli, the Huntress, is missing from the line-up.

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