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White Queen Wednesday: La Belle et la Bête

An Emma Frost Salon
by Ken Kneisel


Welcome to White Queen Wednesday, gentle reader. Today I discuss Emma Frost’s fast friendship with Henry McCoy, the brilliant bouncing blue Beast. After so much discussion of Emma’s animosities with characters like Storm, Firestar and Jean Grey, it will make a nice change of pace to talk about her much more pleasant relationship with Beast. It’s really no surprise that they’re such good friends, considering they share such sparkling intellect and wry wit. Beast has been one of Emma’s staunchest and most vocal supporters from the moment she first joined the X-Men, helping her understand the secondary mutation to transform her body into living organic diamond which she had recently aquired.

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New X-Men by Cameron Stewart

new x-men by cameron stewart

Cameron Stewart is the creator of multiple award-winning online comic Sin Titulo and co-creator, with Karl Kerschl, of  the recently released Assassin’s Creed:  The Fall.  His Wikipedia page has a great bibliography of the work he’s done, but topping my list of his comics would definitely be The Other Side (written by Jason Aaron and drawn by Stewart).  Of course, his run on Catwoman (with Ed Brubaker) and his issues of Sea Guy (with Grant Morrison) are awesome as well.  There’s also Apocalypstix (with Ray Fawkes) and a few issues of a little title called Batman and Robin out there for you to enjoy.

When I came across Stewart’s take on the New X-Men (above), I was astounded!  Each character has a great expression, totally revealing their core attributes.  Well, except for Xorn (center), but having “a star for a brain” or whatever is a good excuse I suppose (or if he’s not all he appears to be).  Seriously though, Wolverine looks a bit agitated, Cyclops is stoic, Emma’s snobbery is on display, Beast has a dignified air about him despite his feline exterior, and Professor X looks downright menacing (as the most powerful telepath in the world should).  The only person missing is Jean Grey, whose omission is a bit puzzling considering her expanded presence during this time of X-Men stories (written by Grant Morrison).  Nonetheless, these are beautiful portraits and their mastery makes me wish we could see Stewart on something mutant-centric in the future.   At least Stewart was kind enough to draw me punk rock Storm at Comic Con 2008.  I will always be grateful to him for that.

Happy Gay Pride!

Eagle-eyed readers may have noticed that there was no White Queen Wednesday this week.  There will also be no new Storm Sunday for today.  stormantic is a San Francisco-based blog and in our fabulous city, we take our Gay Pride seriously.  What I’m trying to say is, Ken and STORM have been swept up in the amazing goings on that celebrate gay, lesbian, bisexual, transexual, queer, questioning and other identities and we just don’t possess the discipline to be inside blogging right now.  We’ve got dancing and marching and partying to do!  We encourage you to get together with your queer loved ones and do the same.  Much love to you all!

Okay, so having Dazzler lead the way in this post was misleading.  Alison Blaire does not identify as gay, but a lot of her fans do!  Thanks, Dazzler, for lighting up our lives!  And for some actual queerness, I give you Rictor and Shatterstar making out.

No Gay Pride X-post would be complete without Northstar, Marvel’s first out gay male character (who just happens to have pointy ears like a faerie! thanks a lot, Marvel).  I’m not saying I love this character.  It’s just if we’re gonna celebrate mutant boys who like boys, we gotta trot out the gay X-Men poster boy.

And here’s Anole, the newest Queer among the latest generation of X-Men.  I have no opinion one way or another on this character.  He’s not much more than a gay lizard boy at this point in his character lifespan.

And we close with an image of Karma, lovely lesbian of the New Mutants.  I love this girl.  She’s mature, thoughtful and her power kicks ass (she can possess people).  Let’s hope she finds a girlfriend that is cool with artificial limbs (Karma lost a leg in the recent X-Men: Second Coming crossover).
That’s it for now, dear readers.  Ken and I will be back on track with Emma and Ororo, respectively, this coming week!  Thanks for your understanding!

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