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Isotope Presents “A Star Trek Mother’s Day”

OMG you have to see the new Star Trek movie!  Seriously!  I can’t talk about it right now without giving everything away, but I loved it.  Five stars.  ‘Nuff said.  So, since I can’t really compose myself to write a proper review, please enjoy some photos from tonight’s evening of amazingness at the Balboa Theatre. An Extra special “Thank You” to our friends at the Balboa Theatre, our funny book patrons at the Isotope & their Incredible pointy-eared Mothers and a Big Shout Out to Chuck from Costumes on Haight!  Live Long & Prosper, JJ Abrams!  The sequel cannot get here soon enough!

You can see more photos from the evening here as well.

The Isotope Presents: A Star Trek Mother’s Day

startrekflyerAnd now for a retrospective, commemorating my favorite character from Star Trek, Lieutenant Uhura, as portrayed by the glorious Nichelle Nichols.  

eardevice-uhura-balanceofterrorPoise.  Grace.  Beauty.

NicholsPresence.  Sharpness.  Fierceness.

uhura042Nails and hair to die for.  And those abs.  *Sigh*  I haven’t even mentioned her earrings.  

tos-067-uhura-kirk-1600It was only a matter to time before Kirk courted Uhura.  Their interaction made television history.

shatnerplatoMOS_468x390Hold on to those memories, darling.  Hold on to them tightly.

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