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Storm Sunday: “–This Time She Faces Storm!!”

Storm & Jean

Artwork by Dave Cockrum & Sam Grainger (The Uncanny X-Men #96)

While I compose my recollections from last week’s amazing WonderCon weekend, I offer up these unrelated images of Storm for your perusal.  I was rereading the issue from which the above image is taken and remembering the fight between Storm and Polaris.  How come Ororo is able to defeat Lorna when her powers never stand a chance against Magneto?  Is it because Lorna is mind-controlled?  Is it the strength of Storm’s will?  Or does it just depend on the writer?  Don’t get me wrong, I want Storm to mop the floor with Polaris (who I also love very much), but something about it doesn’t make sense to me.  Your opinion?


Artwork by Jo Chen (Girl Comics #3)

So far, I have only read issue #1 of Girl Comics, enjoyed what I read for the most part (the issue is worth it for Colleen Coover’s introduction alone) and am looking forward to more (if only to see if the contributions get better).  I think many of these writers and artists deserve more exposure and if they happen to lump them all together because they’re female then so be it.  Comic Book Resources has a review of the first issue.


Artwork by Ig Guara & Norman Lee (Marvel Adventures Avengers #28)

Thor and Storm sitting on the top of a building, k-i-s-s-i-n-g.  Oh, how I wish!  This comic is part of the Marvel Adventures line and therefore means nothing in terms of regular Marvel Universe continuity.  Fortunately, that gives the writers license to explore different storylines for the characters that would not be possible in today’s 616 reality.  Thor and Storm?  Yes, please!  After you read the above page, think about the conceit that each character’s lightning is different temperatures.  It’s not something I’ve thought about before and for that reason alone I could almost  imagine a Thororo couple working.  It certainly seems more interesting to me considering how little has been done with Storm in the present Black Panther series (I choose to not cover the second issue of DoomWar because its depiction of Storm is disheartening and I find no joy in discussing it).  Truth be told, I miss the days when Storm was a free woman and the possibilities of her dating anyone could be explored.  The flirting with Nightcrawler, the chemistry with Wolverine, the randomness of Arkon, the despots who wanted her for their wife, and even the occasional blonde beach boy were welcome to me.  Now, however, those moments are no longer possible.  The unattainable goddess has been domesticated and her stories have lost a lot of their appeal.  Thank goodness for pages like the one above who are still exploring other character possibilities.

Storm Sunday: Marvel Adventures Avengers

10 Reasons Why I Love Marvel Adventures Avengers:
1.   Since it is an All Ages title, I can give the comic to the kids I know.
2.   Captain America is Steve Rogers and not dead.
3.   Storm is finally an Avenger (!), still single and co-leads the team with Captain America (in a well-designed costume that stays true to all her past fashions).
4.   Writer Jeff Parker brings the funny.  Seriously.  
5.   Giant-Girl rocks! (You might know her as the Wasp in regular Marvel continuity.)
6.   The MODOC issue.  It was strange, unsettling and super entertaining!
7.   Spider-Man is angst free.
8.   Iron Man is not a fascist.
9.   Hulk is not a gladiator.
10. There have been no skrulls (yet).
 The first three covers I have shared with you, dear reader, are by Aaron Lopresti. The last two are by Leonard Kirk. They both have great styles and do a great job rendering all the different characters unique (dare I say Iconic) looks!  
Yeah, the storylines are sometimes rather silly and a little bit like a sitcom, but I find myself laughing out loud at many of the fun character interactions.  This is the Spider-Man I know and love quipping wisecracks with gruff Wolverine and irascible Hulk.  Where else can you see Hulk wearing giant headphones listening to a story cd so he doesn’t destroy the Quinjet in route to a bad guy confrontation?  Giant-Girl adds so much to the mix as a visible female presence on a very testosterone laden lineup. And with her bubbly personality, she’s a great contrast to Storm’s grounded regal presence (but even Storm is portrayed in a more likable fashion;  she’s more like a princess than a Queen).  I only wish they had added the Scarlet Witch to the mix or given us another female besides the two (Although I think I read somewhere that Jeff had to insist on getting Storm and Giant-Girl in the first place).

The heroes in Marvel Adventures Avengers are truly heroic.  There’s a real sense of camaraderie among them.  They aren’t embroiled in secret cabals (The Illuminati), divisive skirmishes (Civil War) or paranoid wars (Secret Invasion).  The stories are contained in one issue (sometimes there’s two stories) and are a satisfying read.  This title goes to the top of my comics pile each month.  

A bird’s eye view of our marketable heroes.
Giant-Girl looms large over our top tier heroes!  Vote for your favorite Marvel Adventures Avenger on my new poll!

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Featured Artist: Aaron Lopresti

After reading about the third annual Wonder Woman Day, I took a peek at the website of Aaron Lopresti, current regular penciller on Wonder Woman and found some amazing goodies!  He’s got much more beautiful art of Diana!

This issue of What If! Avengers Disassembled featured the Scarlet Witch and a whole lotta Avengers, especially the Beast!  
Lopresti’s rendition of Storm for the Marvel Adventure Avengers comic is one of my favorite contemporary versions of the character appearing regularly in comics these days! It’s just so cool that she’s an Avenger in the “Adventure” line.
In the Marvel Adventures Avengers comic, Storm is co-leader with Captain America!
I was going to save this beauty for a Storm Sunday, but I just couldn’t resist sharing it now! Besides, if you visit Aaron’s site like I recommended, you’d have come across it anyway!

Pssssssst! Hey! All of you Psylocke fans should check out this and this!

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