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Simon Spurrier’s Narrative “Legacy”

X-Men Legacy #4

The world is made up of stories. Or is that stories make up the world? Either way, in our comics, novels, television shows and movies, we are all inundated with narrative. Many folks enjoy their stories with cliffhangers, tantalizing moments of peril in which they are suspended until the next installment. Others enjoy complete done-in-one stories in which all the plots and character moments are resolved in a tidy fashion. Which is more satisfying? Is there some crossover to be had with both approaches?

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The Eyes Have It


Created in 1962 by the artist Steve Ditko, Spider-Man made his first appearance in Amazing Fantasy #15. Since then, this superhero has gone on to great popularity spawning cartoons, movies (how many reboots are we at now?) and countless comics and toys. Does Spider-Man’s longevity stem from the fact that his iconic wraparound eyes on his mask are based on a prevalent image of an alien?

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Heroic Tarot Tuesday: Magneto, Sabretooth, Mr. Sinister & Apocalypse

Magneto by Jim Lee

Greetings, dear reader! This post is the eigth in a series revealing my Heroic Tarot process.  Today we look at four distinctive shadowy mutants!

The X-Men playing card deck is adorned with images of Marvel’s Merry Mutants.  I have created a system combining traditional Minor Arcana meaning with my vast knowledge of X-Men comic book stories.  The archetypal roles the X-Men represent bring the energy of the missing Major Arcana to the overall calculation.  I reveal the superheroic tales relevant to your path.   This dual reading is amplified by the elemental nature of whatever suit is pulled in addition to the numeralogical/feudal court energy contained therein.

One of the interesting aspects of the X-Men cards is that every character gets to be represented four times.  However, there are four different characters on all of the Eights!  Each card features four prominent antagonists from X-Men mythology:  Magneto, Sabretooth, Mr. Sinister and Apocalypse.  Due to their “bad guy” status, we will be looking at each character as a Shadow Guide.

A Shadow Guide is a spirit teacher that activates our fears in order for us to transcend them.  They represent a lesson that we need to learn in order to let go of negativity.   A Shadow Guide encourages us to return to the heroic path by activating change in our thoughts and actions.

Note: I will be referring to each card by their traditional tarot names, although I will provide the equivalent playing card terms under each image.

Above artwork by Jim Lee.

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