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Magic by Definition: Where is the Will?

Kraftwerk MACHINE

Most known for his non-fiction book The Outsider in which he writes about social alienation, English novelist and philosopher Colin Wilson also wrote several books about spirituality, chief among them The Occult: A History. His beliefs on modern man are capsulized in this quote by E.E. Rehmus in The Magician’s Dictionary under the entry for Magic:

Modern civilization induces an attitude of passivity. When a Stone Age hunter set out to trap wild animals, he was aware of his will as a living force. When the prehistoric farmer scored the surface of the earth with a crude plough, he knew that his family’s survival through the winter depended on his effort, and his will responded to the challenge. When a modern city dweller walks down a crowded throroughfare, he feels no sense of challenge or involvement. This city was built by other people; all these shops and offices are owned by other people. He can get through an ordinary’s day work in a state approximating sleep. Most of his routine tasks are carried out by the ‘robot.’ There is neither the need or the opportunity to use the will.

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Heroic Tarot Tuesday: Major Arcana X-Men, Part I

I have been an avid reader of the X-Men comics and a reader of the Tarot since I was in my early teens. I thought it would be an entertaining exercise to “cast” my favorite mutants as The Major Arcana. This is a fun way to learn about the Tarot archetypes if you are an X-Men fan, or a great way learn about some awesome characters if you are a Tarot practitioner. When studying mysticism it is always a good idea to keep mixing it up. It’s important to keep concepts flexible!

Professor X by Marc Basile (after Jack Kirby)

1 The Magician: Professor X

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