Lotus Flower
In our search to connect with Spirit, we create devotions to find our center.  One way to do this is through the practice of chanting. Chanting transmutes negative energy to positive and is another way to activate one’s higher self.  Chanting helps quiet the interior mental chatter so we can focus our attention to our intuition.  It is in listening to our inner voice that we find balance. Chanting can transport you to another realm and activates your body’s natural healing processes. Chanting simply benefits your overall well-being.

One well known chant from the Buddhist tradition is the Lotus Sutra. This chant focuses on helping others come to a new realization of their lives through the ideal of the bodhisattva. A 13th-century Japanese priest by the name of Nichiren found a way to unveil the full motive of the Lotus Sutra’s benevolence.

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