Todd Nauck is a super amazing artist who has worked on titles such as Young Justice, Teen Titans Go, and Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (among many many others).  His creator owned comic, WIldguard is a rollicking superhero title combined with reality television and is a fun read!  I stalked Todd’s both at Artist’s Alley at this year’s San Diego Comic Con International (it wasn’t hard to do since he was a booth over from my buddy Mark Brooks) and after oohing and ahhing at Todd’s portfolios, I asked him to draw my favorite creation of his, Jun-Go (or is that supposed to be “Jungo”?).  Little more than an adventurous Tarzan analog, Jungo captured my heart for his heroic deeds during an alien invasion and his penchant for wearing very little.  When Todd asked readers to vote online for their favorite character, I made sure to vote from three different computers for this guy.  What can I say?  I like the underdog, especially if said underdog is in a loincloth.  Of course, he didn’t win.  That distinction went to Freezerburn, a character whose arms can manipulate cold and heat, respectively.  My thanks go out to Todd for this beautiful sketch!

Check out Todd Nauck’s site, his Deviant Art site and his MySpace or for more information about the artist and his upcoming projects!