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X-Men: First Class, Raising the Bar or Missing the Mark?

X-Men First Class Movie Poster

Marvel’s mutants have returned to the big screen and they have brought the swinging sixties with them! Director Matthew Vaughn imbues the newest X-Men film with lavish sets, top notch actors, and an international feel. The special effects are convincing, the plot is character driven, and the overall effect is stunning. Setting the mutant conflict within the Cold War era serves to ground the superheroic struggle within a credible sense of reality, but is ultimately problematic in that the film never explores any of the Civil Rights aspects that it touches upon. It is a treat to see the X-Men in the time in which they were created (by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby), if only for the groovy fashions.

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White Queen Wednesday Extra: January Jones, Part IV

An Emma Frost Update
by Ken Kneisel


Welcome back once again, gentle reader. It’s only been a couple of short weeks since the LA Times Hero Complex blog featured a revealing interview with January Jones, the actress who will portray Emma Frost as the White Queen in the upcoming X-Men: First Class film prequel, and now they’re back with more news from the set along with a few intriguing photographs of the cast of young mutants.

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White Queen Wednesday Extra: January Jones, Part III

An Emma Frost Update
by Ken Kneisel


Hello again, gentle reader. It’s been a number of months since the initial announcement that January Jones would portray Emma Frost in the upcoming movie prequel X-Men: First Class. Since then we’ve seen a few photographs from the set in England, but now January Jones has spoken to the Los Angeles Times about Emma’s notoriously skimpy costumes. She also provided a few intriguing clues about what else we can expect from the film.

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White Queen Wednesday: January Jones, Part II

An Emma Frost Salon
by Ken Kneisel

January Jones

Welcome to White Queen Wednesday, gentle reader. It seems we aren’t the only ones interested in January Jones’s portrayal of Emma Frost in the upcoming X-Men: First Class movie. The first few photographs from the set have been released by INF Daily and they are of January Jones as the White Queen.

I do like her outfit here. It definitely says White Queen, albeit with a swinging 60s twist. Although now I would like to see what she is wearing underneath that white poncho. Hopefully this is what she wears when she’s away from the Hellfire Club and we will still see her sporting the trademark lingerie and cape.

January Jones

Judging from these photos, Emma appears to receive a helicopter escort to a military base. Perhaps the Hellfire Club has infiltrated the army or maybe the Club’s government ties will be played up. Either option is certainly intriguing.

January Jones

It’s also a safe bet that Emma will see some sort of action in this film, considering this shot of January Jones and her stunt double.

January Jones

Until next week…

White Queen Wednesday Extra: January Jones

An Emma Frost Update
by Ken Kneisel



Hello again, gentle reader. Remember when I told you that Alice Eve had been cast as Emma Frost in the upcoming X-Men: First Class film? Well you can forget all about her. Because it is now being reported that January Jones from the AMC television series Mad Men, which I have never seen but a lot of my friends seem to love, has been chosen to portray Emma Frost in this movie.



January joins the large and swiftly growing cast of James McAvoy as Charles Xavier, Michael Fassbender as Magneto, Nicholas Hoult as Beast, Caleb Landry Jones as Banshee, Lucas Till as Havok, Rose Byrne as Moira MacTaggert, Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique, Kevin Bacon as a so far unspecified villain (possibly Sebastian Shaw?) and Oliver Platt as The Man in Black, whoever that last one is supposed to be.



As I said, I’ve never watched an episode of Mad Men and I don’t recognize her from anything else, so I am completely unfamiliar with this actress. But based on these photos from GQ and Vanity Fair, I feel like January Jones might do an adequate job playing Emma Frost. A few of the GQ photos at least establish that she looks good in white lingerie, which I imagine must be absolutely essential to the role. I am certainly excited to find out if Emma is characterized as a heroine or villainess in the upcoming film, and furthermore who she is affiliated with!



What do you think of this casting, gentle reader? Do you have any particular actresses in mind that you think would do our Emma justice on the silver screen?

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