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Dancing between Worlds

Tulips My May return to San Francisco was so much fun I had to extend my trip! Well, actually I realized that I had filled the entire week with work and forgot to leave time for play.  Many thanks to all of my clients who made in-person appointments. It was lovely to catch up with regular clients as well as meet so many new folks.  I also provided readings for two special events which made my return trip possible.

At the first event, I had a blast reading cards on board the lovely Empress yacht for a night time tour of the Bay! The captain and crew of the Empress were super accommodating, so if you are ever in need of a boat themed event be sure to look them up! The second event celebrated a new book release by author Evette Davis, entitled “Woman King.” Evette is a political consultant living in San Francisco and her new book (the first in a three volume paranormal trilogy) is based there as well.  After a week of individual readings, events and classes, I needed some well-deserved rest and recreation. Here’s some of the places I visited:

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Pop Candy! Whitney Matheson! Tim Sale! Isotope!

This past Saturday, Isotope hosted Whitney Matheson of USA Today’s Pop Candy pop-culture blog who in turn invited Heroes artist Tim Sale as her special guest! People came from all over to meet up with Whitney, check out comics and have a great time! It was so exciting to see Isotope devotees and Pop Candy fans mingling! That’s what I loved most about this event–the social overlapping. How genius was it to have Whitney (a bright light of pop culture awesomeness) come to Isotope (the best comic book store in the universe) to meet up with Tim Sale (a superstar whose art soars in comics and on television) to throw a party? I love it when great things mix together like that! Everybody wins!

Thanks to Whitney and her amazing husband, Rhyne for bringing their inimitable brand of charm to the Isotope! It was a pleasure to meet them and to enjoy their company!

Whitney has great fans and I was surprised to hear that so many of them traveled as far as they did to meet up with her! Devotion is admirable, yes, but I found that Pop Candy folks are super sweet! Everyone I met was friendly, kind and gracious! Thank you all for your presence!

Thanks also to Tim Sale and his lovely girlfriend Christina for their time and energy as well! I know many people came away from this event very very happy (and I’m not just speaking from my own experience). Tim sketched some amazing art that night (and for much longer than originally planned).

You can read all about Whitney’s write up here and here. Thanks to all of the kind people who made mention of me in the comments section. I had to create a USA Today account just so I could thank them all properly. Consider this post another display of my gushing gratitude!

Tim Sale writes about his visit here.

James Sime, proprietor of Isotope, has a great wrap up here.

Matt Silady has photos here.

Wow! What a fantastic time! I’m a better person for having met and spent time with you all!

Oh yeah, the pic at the top is of Christina and yours truly. I’m holding a copy of Matt Maxwell’s Strangeways: Murder Moon! Get a copy from your local comics retailer today! Matt’s blog is here!

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