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Wiccan + Hulkling = ♥


I have become obsessed with Young Avengers, due in no small part to the characters of Wiccan and Hulkling.  Writer Allan Heinberg and artist Jimmy Cheung bring the goods when it comes to these groundbreaking characters, but many artists have developed an affinity for them as well and have drawn their own versions.  It comes as no surprise to me that two mainstream comic book superheroes have developed such a large fan base, as heroic gay male characters (especially ones in a relationship) are scarce.   There’s still a lot of work to be done, but Wiccan and Hulkling are leading the charge for change.  Above, Kame Urashima draws a particularly starstruck Hulkling and Wiccan.  I found Urashima on deviant ART in addition to many awesome artists who have created work featuring these Young Avengers.  

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Young Avengers: Children’s Crusade


It is my assertion that Young Avengers is the best written super-hero team comic book on the market right now.  Fans of the title have had to wait quite a bit for the creators to return (and even now the current title is only a mini-series lasting 9 issues published bi-monthly) but Allan Heinberg has proven he is worth the wait (At least Marvel thinks so).  When a title is drawn and written well, I would rather wait as long as it takes than be disappointed by an inferior result.  Fortunately, artist Jim Cheung always brings the goods.  His collaboration with Heinberg is the modern day equivalent of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and worthy enough to stand on the shoulders of the legacy they maintain.  Young Avengers builds on the tapestry of yesteryear with solid stories featuring interesting characters looking toward the future.

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