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Spotlight on Kevin Nowlan


One of my favorite super teams is The New Defenders and it’s no small part due to the amazing covers of Kevin Nowlan.  His take on Valkyrie alone is enough to leave me breathless, but his Doctor Strange is classic and elegant.  I’ve never been much of a Hulk fan, but I like the over-sized hands and feet and raw expression of anger on his face (although he does look a bit small to me overall).  Thank goodness Nowlan is sharing some of his past artwork and process on his blog.
Defenders134KevinNowlanThis image is from cover of The New Defenders #134.  The colored version is beautiful, but I love the simplicity of the inks alone.  Nowlan’s covers were haunting and eerie, well-suited for a team consisting of a valkyrie, a gragoyle and an angel.  You can check out all of the covers of the series here.  The strange lanky man stepping on Valkyrie is Manslaughter, a minor villain whose powers were telepathic in nature.  His claim to fame is invading the Defenders’ headquarters twice.  He had a bit of a Joker vibe to him.  (For those who might not know, the defeated heroes are Angel, Beast, Cloud and Valkyrie).
Doctor Strange by Kevin Nowlan

Amazing Doctor Strange image with hungry tentacle monsters!
Doctor Strange by Kevin Nowlan

More amazing Doctor Strange goodness with different hungry tentacles!  I love the lightning bolt effects around Stephen’s hands and the window behind him.  Doctor Strange is loaded with symbols and iconic imagery and a truly talented draftsman/designer like Nowlan knows how to incorporate them into the overall image!  We all benefit from the result!

OGDefendersKevinNowlaninksI love the amazing lines in Nowlan’s inks–the heavy use of shadow, the tiny lines denoting muscles on Namor, the Sub-Mariner, and the Hulk, even the crescent and stars around Dr. Strange’s hand representing his magical prowess–they all add up to a spectacular pin-up of the original Defenders.

Here’s the pencil drawing of the above inked version.  It’s so much fun to compare and contrast the differences.  They are both pretty amazing.  Awesome art by an industry legend!  One more thing:  here’s a fun X-Men Vs. Apocalypse image (featuring Storm!).

Nowlan New Mutants #51 p30

It seems that Kevin Nowlan has not drawn Storm often.  At least, I had a difficult time finding images of her drawn by him.  I found this one quite by accident as it is an image from New Mutants #51 (page 30).  Storm looks more severe than was usual during her punk phase.  I do find Magneto’s shirt-ripping tantrum to be rather amusing.

Storm Sunday: Marvel Adventures Avengers

10 Reasons Why I Love Marvel Adventures Avengers:
1.   Since it is an All Ages title, I can give the comic to the kids I know.
2.   Captain America is Steve Rogers and not dead.
3.   Storm is finally an Avenger (!), still single and co-leads the team with Captain America (in a well-designed costume that stays true to all her past fashions).
4.   Writer Jeff Parker brings the funny.  Seriously.  
5.   Giant-Girl rocks! (You might know her as the Wasp in regular Marvel continuity.)
6.   The MODOC issue.  It was strange, unsettling and super entertaining!
7.   Spider-Man is angst free.
8.   Iron Man is not a fascist.
9.   Hulk is not a gladiator.
10. There have been no skrulls (yet).
 The first three covers I have shared with you, dear reader, are by Aaron Lopresti. The last two are by Leonard Kirk. They both have great styles and do a great job rendering all the different characters unique (dare I say Iconic) looks!  
Yeah, the storylines are sometimes rather silly and a little bit like a sitcom, but I find myself laughing out loud at many of the fun character interactions.  This is the Spider-Man I know and love quipping wisecracks with gruff Wolverine and irascible Hulk.  Where else can you see Hulk wearing giant headphones listening to a story cd so he doesn’t destroy the Quinjet in route to a bad guy confrontation?  Giant-Girl adds so much to the mix as a visible female presence on a very testosterone laden lineup. And with her bubbly personality, she’s a great contrast to Storm’s grounded regal presence (but even Storm is portrayed in a more likable fashion;  she’s more like a princess than a Queen).  I only wish they had added the Scarlet Witch to the mix or given us another female besides the two (Although I think I read somewhere that Jeff had to insist on getting Storm and Giant-Girl in the first place).

The heroes in Marvel Adventures Avengers are truly heroic.  There’s a real sense of camaraderie among them.  They aren’t embroiled in secret cabals (The Illuminati), divisive skirmishes (Civil War) or paranoid wars (Secret Invasion).  The stories are contained in one issue (sometimes there’s two stories) and are a satisfying read.  This title goes to the top of my comics pile each month.  

A bird’s eye view of our marketable heroes.
Giant-Girl looms large over our top tier heroes!  Vote for your favorite Marvel Adventures Avenger on my new poll!

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