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Coming Soon: First World Problems by Spain Willingham

Yours Truly has a part in the upcoming independent film “First World Problems” and you can catch a glimpse of my “Tarot God” character in the brand spanking new trailer (that’s me at 0:42):

Triple Threat Writer/Director/Actor Spain Willingham describes “First World Problems” as a meta-comedy horror and says:

“I grew up on crazy 80’s horror comedy, and this is my salute to that genre! I cannot wait to raise a little more money so I can finally show this feature film off to the cast, crew and my friends and family AND ALL OF YOU!!!

This is a total labor of love – to show that Horror is still alive and well – and that in my opinion it can’t live without comedy. They go together so well, and Directors like Lloyd Kaufman, Frank Henenlotter, David Lynch and Stuart Gordon are why this film exists. I hope they would be proud! I can safely say you have never seen a feature film like this one! If David Cronenberg would’ve made a comedy in his younger days, it might look like this.”

What’s the movie about?  I am so glad you asked:

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This is the cover for a new horror comic with three stories drawn by Greg Hinkle!   The stories in PARASOMNIA are written by Jason McNamara (Martian Confederacy), Matt Silady (The Homeless Channel) and STORM (Princess Witch Boy).  The lettering is by Josh Richardson.  News to follow as to when this comic will be available for purchase!

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