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Hela by Charles Vess

Hela by Charles Vess

In my excitement to share the Thor images by Charles Vess from Marvel Fanfare #20, I neglected to include this otherworldly image of Hela, Asgardian goddess of death! Let us feast upon her beauty and decay as she makes plans to enslave all of the living into her underworld realm of darkness!  The gnarled tree behind our lady in green serves as a metaphor for her twisted designs! Lovely!

Supernatural Marvel Solicits for January


These comics aren’t coming out until January, but their subject matter sure seems appropriate for Halloween!  Chaos War rages on and some undead X-Men get in on the action.  Who will rise?  Will any of them return to the living for good?  I’m a big fan of the original Thunderbird, but I’m really crossing my fingers for Banshee’s resurrection!  Here’s hoping!

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