Spending the weekend in the company of Geoff Johns and James Robinson has my head all a flutter with the characters and stories of DC Comics.  Browsing through the solicits for October I came across quite a few things that caught my eye and I thought, dear reader, that I would share them with you.

Above, a new (?) Batgirl is given lush life by the talented Phil Noto.  I’m attracted to the mixed design elements of old school cowl of  Barbara Gordon Batgirl and the all black costumed Cassandra Cain.

GL-Cv47-varI am most interested in the Indigo Tribe out of all of the spectrum corps in Green Lantern.  I am piqued by the tiny bits of information that have been slowly divulged.  I like the symbol first of all (on the belt and the forehead as a third eye), and I love the staffs.  I think it’s the tribal angle that has me hooked the most.  But most of all, the depiction of the Star Sapphire corps really abused the concept/emotion of L0ve, so I am really hoping for a better showing/reprentation of Compassion.  The cover above is by Ed Benes.

bns3afsapphireNo, I will not be buying this (I still have lots of toys to break before I need new ones), but it sure is pretty.  Does Star Sapphire represent a highly evolved consciousness of sexual expression or is the character simply sexist pandering to a sex-starved fanbase?  I’d like to say there’s truth in both statements, butI belive that the real truth is somewhere in the middle.  I love the saucy freshness to the character’s stance (and portrayal thus far), but I would love the bodysuit to cover up the front a whole heck of lot more.

JACK-Cv39Brian Bolland is so amazing.  His covers always capture my undivided attention as soon as I see them.  I love his rendition of Jack Frost from Jack of Fables.  This title is a lot fun as well.  I highly recommend getting the first trade of Fables and read on from there.  Bill Willingham brings the funny and the poignant.

MXAN-Cv16Madame Xanadu is my favorite title right now and it’s mostly Amy Reeder Hadley’s art, although Matt Wagner has created a believable portrait of a character who was once a deus ex machina cypher.  The first trade, Enchanted, just came out last week.  You will love this series!

UNWritten-Cv6The cover art to The Unwritten has been very eye-catching so far.  After reading the first two issues, I’m interested enough in following what seems to be a very intricately thought out story.  Impressive storytelling, especially the meta-textual  moments.

That’s my picks for the month of October for DC Comics!  I’m not such a Marvel Zombie after all, am I?  Did any of them strike your fancy or is there something else you’d like me to check out?  Let me know in the comments!