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Super-Spotlight on Michael Golden!

Golden - marvel heroes

We continue our Michael Golden appreciation with more amazing artwork by the modern master!  Today we look at old school Marvel Comics images as well as convention sketches and commissions! Click below to marvel (pun intended) at Rogue (Michael Golden co-created her!) Doctor Strange, Clea, and more!  Above, 1980s Marvel heroes (and anti-heroes, we see you Punisher and Elektra) super-spar around a statue.

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Storm Sunday: Jubilee

Jubilee by Jim Lee Jubilation Lee, or Jubilee as she is more commonly known, was quite the X-Men member back in the 90s.  Created by Chris Claremont and Marc Silvestri, she debuted in Uncanny X-Men #244 and quickly became an unofficial sidekick to Wolverine.  Her pyrotechnic fireworks powers combined with her brash mall rat attitude made her an unforgettable addition to the team.  She became the youngest X-Men member at the time (continuing the tradition that Kitty “Shadowcat” Pryde created).  Jim Lee’s kinetic depictions of Jubilee secured her place in X-history.  She  may be depowered in current continuity (thanks to the the Scarlet Witch’s “No More Mutants” spell), but she’s still a character near and dear to many X-Men readers’ hearts.  Above image of Jubilee is by Jim Lee from his 1992 Impel X-Men Trading Card Series. Jubilee sketch Here’s an awesome Jim Lee sketch rendering Jubilee down to her most basic design.  Jubes is definitely a product of her time, with her large glasses (which were more often than not used more as a headband than shades), her large earrings (with her codename printed across the bar) and her bright yellow trench coat. xmen271pg3 JUBILEEA page of Jim Lee artwork from Uncanny X-Men #271 depicting Jubilee kicking major butt and still getting a lecture from Wolverine.  Jubilee has the habit of trash talking most of the time.  A trait that endeared her to some fans and repelled others.  I happen to enjoy her motormouth tendencies, especially if she’s popping  bubblegum while doing it. UXM275P8s More Jim Lee artwork, this time from Uncanny X-Men #275.  You gotta love that Jubes  is willing to chase down the deadly Deathbird even after getting blasted and seeing the evil woman stab Wolverine in the back.  Classic Jubilee never backs down from a fight, even if she’s not really too excited about it. xmen4cover Jim Lee’s cover of X-Men #4 features Jubilee with Wolverine and fellow trench coat wearing teammate Gambit as they combat Omega Red.  Check out Jubilee’s super arched eyebrow and gritted teeth.  That’s attitude! Jubilee_Cel Jubilee’s success in the comics definitely influenced the awesome 90s X-Men cartoon.  Instead of answering in the affirmative, Jubilee would often ask,  “Does a mall babe eat chile fries?” Other times, she would whine about how unfair it was to be hunted by Sentinels. “I’m just a kid!” she’d cry (many many times).  This animation cel and the ones below are taken from the wildly successful cartoon which led to many toys and merchandise.  Check out this storybook in which you could pretend you were fighting alongside the X-Men.  Marvel also published a comic based on the cartoon called X-Men Adventures.  The cover of issue #1 by Steve Lightle is awesome! Large_XM_Animation_25 Animation cel of Jubilee losing a fight against a robotic tentacle.  Jubilee was included in a made for television Generation X movie and was in all three X-Men movies for, like, a total of ten minutes combined.  Did you know that Michael Chabon wrote a script for a proposed X-Men movie? It featured quite a lot of Jubilee!  There’s a weird list of Jubilee and Gen X “cameos” here.  Jubilee was also a minor character in the X-Men: Evolution cartoon. Large_XM_Animation_20 Animation cel featuring Wolverine, Jubilee, Beast and Cyclops.  You can make your own Papercraft Jubilee here! Large_XM_Animation_12 Animation cel depicting Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Rogue and Jubilee. Large_XM_Animation_11 Animation cel depicting Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Rogue and Jubilee. Large_XM_Animation_5 Jubilee did a lot of running in the X-Men cartoon as this animation cel shows.

Storm & Jubilee Animated I always liked the brief interactions that Jubilee and Storm had in the cartoon.  Storm was very protective of Jubilee in a very mothering kind of way (much like she was to Kitty Pryde in the comics).  In the storybooks based on the cartoon, Storm was the one who explained everything about the X-Men, the school and their credo. Storm & Jubilee Animated Another animation cel with Storm and Jubilee. Art Adams Jubilee Fan favorite Arthur Adams captures Jubilee’s sassy too cool for school demeanor in this sketch.  Another amazing Jubilee by Art is here. mahfood-genxundrgrnd-detail Jim Mahfood illustrates a page from Jubilee’s Scrapbook in Generation X Underground.  I haven’t included any Generation X images, but you can check out this cover gallery of that series.  Just don’t go order this outfit. jubilee leaves Joe Madureira‘s awesome cover to Uncanny X-Men #318.  I like Jubilee’s more toned down outfit here, although the colorist was wise to keep her traditional costume colors.  I did not choose to cover any costumesstorylines or art regarding Jubilee’s time as a New Warrior.  Do so at your own discretion. X-Man & Jubilee After sitting on the sidelines, Jubilee may be making a comeback…as a vampire?  It certainly looks that way.  In these preview pages from this week’s upcoming X-Men #1, Jubes is hanging out with Pixie and some…stuff happens.  Is Jubilee going to trade in her bubblegum for blood?  Quite the opposite of what I want for Jubilee, but I shall wait and see what happens.

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