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Death by Dave Cockrum


I love finding art that I haven’t seen before, especially when said art is by an amazing creator who is no longer with us.  In this lovely illustration, Death of the Endless (from the Sandman comic published by Vertigo Comics) poses in a cemetery while balancing a rather strange butterfly on her hand.  I love the skull details on the butterfly and in the eyes of Death in the background.   Dave totally captures this character perfectly while still giving her his own spin.  Whoever Tony is, he’s a lucky guy to own this piece.

Living the Lyrics: “Endless” by IRIS


Lately when I go outside
The skies cry that the worst is over
Is this the place we are supposed to be?
Something is reaching out to me
Should I be walking back or forward?
Is the wait enough to make you go down on your knees?

Maybe, we’ll be alright
In a long run that seems like heaven
Like hearing silence far away
And lifting high
I know the pressure is on
In a race for the life of endless love
If it seems too much
All these things are endless

Midnight has been calling me
With a feeling that could be deadly
I can love the fall ’cause that’s a part of me
Drifting in several different worlds
With the stars colliding all around you
I can feel the distance to a past that’s on its way.

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