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Wonder Women by Phil Jimenez

Wonder Women by Phil Jimenez

Phil Jimenez is an amazing artist with a lot of love for Wonder Woman and her supporting cast.  In case you needed proof just look at the loving rendered artwork above.  Compare crafty Artemis (on the far left) with regal Hippolyta (middle top), and youthful Wonder Girl (lower left) with girl next door Donna Troy (middle) and their characters simply come alive.  Diana herself has more than a passing resemblance to Lynda Carter (and why shouldn’t she?) as she serenely looks on with compassion and grace.  A lovely piece by a consummate artist.  For all the information you could need (and more!) check out the The Essential Wonder Woman Encyclopedia written by Phil Jimenez and John Wells.

Barry Windsor-Smith Week: Tales of the Teen Titans

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I love to see behind the scenes of an artist’s creative process!  Sketches, thumbnails, doodles, what have you, anything that gives a glimpse into what happens before the final product is highly appreciated.  I find it fascinating.  So, when I found this Tales of the Teen Titans cover complete with original artwork and pencil sketch, I had to share!  Enjoy!


Kole takes center stage in this image, somehow knocking Wonder Girl seriously off-balance.


Compare this image to the final drawing to see how BWS decided to alter the drawing’s final composition.


A relaxed take on the team “photo,” featuring Wonder Girl, Jericho, Nightwing, Cyborg, Changeling and Starfire.

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