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The Sandman: Death and Dream by Colleen Doran


The Sandman and Death are intricately illustrated by the amazing Collen Doran, creator of the science fiction space opera A Distant Soil.  I love the art deco style of design permeating this drawing and the level of detail that Colleen put into this piece.  From the stars to the roses, to the folds of fabric and the sheen on Death’s boots, this image is simply inspiring!  But all those things are obviously meant to draw our attention to, and deepen the character of, our titular siblings.  Seeing Dream slumbering creates a more human impression than one normally gets from him and having Death stand guard over him, alert and ready to wield he scythe is pure genius. For another portrait of Dream and Death by the inimitable Colleen Doran that I find completely breathtaking, please click here.

Death by Dave Cockrum


I love finding art that I haven’t seen before, especially when said art is by an amazing creator who is no longer with us.  In this lovely illustration, Death of the Endless (from the Sandman comic published by Vertigo Comics) poses in a cemetery while balancing a rather strange butterfly on her hand.  I love the skull details on the butterfly and in the eyes of Death in the background.   Dave totally captures this character perfectly while still giving her his own spin.  Whoever Tony is, he’s a lucky guy to own this piece.

Death by David Finch

death by finch

Death by David Finch

Who doesn’t love Death?  I mean, who doesn’t love Death from the Sandman series by Neil Gaiman.  Seriously, ever since she showed up in Sandman #8,  the perky quirky little sister of Lord Morpheus (aka Dream) has stolen hearts of readers everywhere.  Although she is not my favorite Endless (that designation belongs to Destiny), she is my second choice and I am looking forward to her appearance in Action Comics #894 where she will meet Lex Luthor (written by Paul Cornell).  This will be a big event as it marks one of the rare times a Vertigo Comics character will crossover into the DC Comics main universe.

Happy is the Joyful Undertaker


Today one of my friends had to put her canine companion to sleep.

Today one of my friends’ wife gave birth to their second child.

We celebrated new life and mourned the loss of another.

We smoked Cuban cigars and feasted on German chocolate cake.

We reminisced about what had been and we imagined what will be.

We danced in the doorways between Life, Death & Rebirth.

Thankful for the abundance of emotion and the depth

Of experience that accompanied the transitions.

Happy are those who choose to undertake their work with a joyful heart.

(Above, a Runechilde ™ looks into the possibilities of all future paths. Doll Shaman © STORM 2009)

Portrait of Death: Joshua Middleton

I fell in love with this piece by artist Joshua Middleton a while back and just recently unearthed it in my files. Middleton has such an airy style that it’s common for folks to judge his work as insubstantial, but I think the opposite is true. It takes a skilled craftsman to use lines so sparingly and evoke such clean, graceful portraits. However, I think he needs a strong colorist to really make his work pop. Check out his art on his site. His New Mutants cover portraits of Magma, Danielle Moonstar, and Wolfsbane are among my favorites, although he’s probably best known for his work on NYX.

But right now, let’s view Neil Gaiman and Mike Dringenberg‘s creation of Death, who debuted in The Sandman, published by DC Comics Vertigo imprint. The spunky sister of Morpheus (more commonly known as Dream or natch, the Sandman) debuted in issue #8 in the first story arc, “Preludes and Nocturnes.” She quickly gained a fan following which led to two spin off mini series (Death: The High Cost of Living & Death: The Time of Your Life). She also guest starred in Tim Hunter’s series The Books of Magic.

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