Have you been reading King City?  Did you enjoy Multiple Warheads?  If those titles, don’t ring a bell, y0u might not be familiar with the amazing work of Brandon Graham!  His blog is filled to bursting with awesome.  My buddy Tristan Leder is a huge fan of Graham’s and compares the artist’s work to the styles of James Stokoe (Orc Stain) and Corey Sutherland Lewis (Shark Knife).  Tristan alerted me to this fun image by Graham of an urban casual Ororo Munroe surrounded by what appears to be Darkseid, Dazzler and another creature (a robot, maybe?).  I cannot recall ever seeing Storm wear a jacket and shades before.  The cornrows are a nice touch and quite the change up for her character.  If you like this drawing (even if you might not agree with this depiction of Ororo) you might consider checking out King City.  I guarantee you that there’s nothing else like it on the comic stands today.