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White Queen Wednesday: Jae Lee

An Emma Frost Salon
by Ken Kneisel


Greetings, gentle reader. This week I present you with several illustrations of Emma Frost by Jae Lee. I like the dreamlike quality of this cover for the upcoming Wolverine #6, the start of a storyline titled Wolverine vs. The X-Men. It certainly looks like the X-Men’s current ruling council (which consists of Emma Frost, Cyclops, Namor and Magneto) have it in for Wolverine judging by this image.

There is a delicately ethereal and uncharacteristically girlish quality to Jae Lee’s depiction of Emma Frost. She looks less like the malevolent evil queen and more like a ruddy-cheeked fairy princess, an unusual yet interesting interpretation.

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Storm Sunday: Coipel, McLeod & Djurdjević

Storm by Olivier Coipel

This Storm Sunday we look at three awesome images by three awesome artists!  First up, we have Olivier Coipel (who also drew an amazing gatefold image for the House of M series).  This commission from this year’s Toronto convention is simply stunning!  Storm does look a lot younger than I am accustomed to seeing her portrayed and she is supermodel runway thin, but I think it all works.  Love the white highlights depicting lighting (lightning?).  I looked for a definitive website for this superstar artist, but didn’t come across anything substantial (even his Wikipedia entry needs massive updating).  I enjoyed his early work on Legion Lost and his most recent run on Thor.

Storm McLeod

Bob McLeod is no stranger to comics, having worked on a number of projects since the early 1970s.  I learned about him from his work on the New Mutants graphic novel and first three issues of the ongoing series.  His version of Storm (above) is classic curvy Ororo (a la John Byrne).


Marko Djurdjević has been creating covers for Marvel for years after gaining recognition and notoriety for his redesigns of the X-Men.  Now he is known for creating definitive X-Men images like the giant poster above  (click on it for a much larger view).

In 2009, he published a book detailing his Marvel art.  Comic Should Be Good has some great examples of Djurdjević’s pencils and painted work.  Djurdjević has drawing videos on YouTube and his art DVD, Character Ideation, is now available as a download.  I love his Warlock redesign.

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