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Are You at a Crossroads with Love?


Unlock the Block (& Let Your Love Flow)

Being at a crossroads in your life with no direction can be extremely discouraging, can’t it? Your heart may ache because you feel like you’re wasting your gifts not knowing which path to take. Or your thoughts may be overwhelmed with guilt that you should have figured this out by now.

You know that you want to begin working toward your goals, but something seems to be blocking your path.

The only way to end this struggle is to break out of the box that is holding you back and step through your new gateway. Once you discover the key to unlock your life, you’ll never have to worry about falling short of your potential again.

There is a way to release and transform the situation that is making you feel stuck.

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Storm’s Weather Report: Online Scheduling, New Classes, & a Celebration!



Hello, Everyone!

I’m sending you all high vibes from New York City! A dear friend of mine gifted me a trip to the Big Apple for the Star Trek 50th Anniversary Convention and I have truly enjoyed myself. Everyone I met was welcoming and kind. I do hope to return soon!

This week, I celebrate my Solar Return and there’s a lot I want to share with you:

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Synchronicity: A Spark of Spiritual Communication

bird above sand

Throughout history people have told fortunes with all manner of things: scattered bones, the remnants of tea leaves in a cup, tossed coins, watching birds across the sky, anything.  It has only been since the eighteenth century that Tarot has been used to divine intellectual and spiritual pathways.  Yet all of these methods stem from the same innate curiosity to know what is going to happen in advance.  The practitioners of these rituals possess an understanding that all things have a relationship to one other.  As Rachel Pollack states in Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom, “everything is connected, everything has meaning and nothing occurs at random.”

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Hone Your Intuition With Heroic Tarot Workshops! (Updated)


Returning to San Francisco after being gone for five months has been like putting on my favorite pair of jeans.  So comfortable and fashionable too!  Many thanks to all the lovely folks who have received Heroic Tarot readings thus far at Swankety Swank and at Alternative Press Expo! In addition to my individual October appointments, I am now offering classes at Workshop on Thursday October 20, Sunday October 30, and Saturday November 5!  Here’s what’s in your future:

Ditch that daily horoscope addiction and leave the ouija in the closet with your VHS copy of Witchboard.  The true path to keeping tabs on your future moves is Heroic Tarot!  In this new class on DIY divination, you will hone your intuition with award-winning Heroic Tarot reader STORM! For both complete beginners and experienced practitioners, this class offers an overview of important Tarot concepts. You will examine the Major and Minor Arcana, the Court cards, and the the elemental suits. Then the class will interact with one another as revolving partners for perception training exercises. Learn how you can use the Tarot as a tool for connection and communication with Divine energy!  Oh, and did we mention that the X-Men were involved?  STORM’s notorious X-Men Tarot deck will be exhibited in class.  I mean…X-Men AND the occult?  Like having Stan Lee draw your future while Jimmy Page composes the soundtrack.  Um, yes please.

Heroic Tarot October Schedule (Updated)

Saturday, October 15 – This evening Swankety Swank kicks off the Halloween season with Quintessential, celebrating San Francisco Spirit!  I will be giving mini Heroic Tarot readings all evening!  Event begins at 7pm and lasts until 11pm.

Sunday, October 16 – 2 & 4pm.

* * *

Thursday, October 20 – 8-10pm – Heroic Tarot CLASS at Workshop!

Friday, October 21  – 1, 2 & 4pm

* * *

Saturday, October 29 – 2, 3 &  5pm.

Sunday, October 30 – 2-4pm – Heroic Tarot CLASS at Workshop!

Friday, November 4 – 1, 3 & 4pm.

Saturday, November 5 – 3-5pm – Heroic Tarot CLASS at Workshop!

* * *

My travels begin anew on November 6 as I visit New York City!  If you would like an in-person reading with me during October, make your appointment today!

Blessings to you all for this wonderfully spirit-filled season!




Building A Better Doll: Doll Shaman 101

Starting in November I will be teaching a doll workshop at Swankety Swank!  Now you can learn how to modify Barbie dolls like the ones I sell on etsy!  You can choose to take one class or all four!  Here’s the syllabus!

Building a Better Doll: Doll Shaman 101

Ready to modify your Barbie? In this class I will teach you how to transform your doll into your own One Of A Kind creation! You will learn how to properly repaint your doll’s face, modify her arms and curl her hair with each of the classes. We are focusing on completing one doll for this workshop but you will need to bring at least three Barbie dolls. Your Barbie dolls need to have long straight hair and plastic arms that are not jointed at the elbows.

A New Face: Removing the factory paint and repainting your Barbie’s face!  Sunday, November 15 3-5pm

Body Sculpting: Learn how to shape your Barbie doll’s arms and hands!  Sunday, November 22 3-5pm

Curls, Curls, Curls: It’s time for a permanent wave!  Sunday, November 29 3-5pm

Getting Dressed: Hand sewing an outfit for your doll!  Sunday, December 6 3-5pm

I’m super excited about this class!  Here are some dolls from my modified doll collection!

Oyanara is looking particularly fierce with her face paint and faux fur sheath dress!


Mother Gatekeeper and her Runechildren pose for a heartwarming family portrait!


Maricopa wears her distressed hair and faux fur outfit proudly as she walks down Divisadero Corridor to go shopping at Swankety Swank!  Be sure to check out all of the classes offered!

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