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The Earth Day I Almost Died

ca. 1976-1977, Carolina Beach State Park, North Carolina, USA — Grove of Long Needle Pine Trees — Image by © David Muench/CORBIS

On Earth Day during my Senior year of High School, I was in a car accident and almost died. It was one of the scariest things I’ve ever experienced. I was one of three guys in the car and we’d had a tangle with a drunk stranger in a parking lot where we’d been driving in circles and knocking over stray shopping carts. We drove away, but the man followed us, revved up to our bumper, threatening to hit us. I was in the back seat and remember his face, red and livid. I’m ashamed to say that I further antagonized the guy by flipping him off. My friend who was driving tried to ditch him, but the guy matched our acceleration every time. We were way above and beyond the speed limit.

We turned a corner on a sharp mountain curve and flew off the road. The car sailed through the air, clipped some pine trees, flipped over and landed on the rear window. I wasn’t wearing my seatbelt and I kept somersaulting in the back, my long necklace wrapped around my neck, cutting into my skin and choking me. My life played out in a series of vignettes from birth to the present. I could see everything I had ever done from a higher perspective. Sadness and regret welled up inside me as I realized that this could be the end.

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Are You Ready to Prioritize Love? Let’s Get Started!

What would your life be like if you could trust your intuition with absolute certainty? How might your relationships be transformed? What kind of love would you attract?

If you are at a crossroads in your love life with no direction, it can be extremely discouraging, can’t it? Your heart may ache because you feel like you’re wasting your time not knowing which path to take. Or your thoughts may be overwhelmed with guilt that you should have figured this out by now.

You know that you want to begin working toward your love goals, but something seems to be blocking your path.

The only way to end this struggle is to break out of the box that is holding you back and step through your new gateway. Once you discover the key to unlock your love life, you’ll never have to worry about falling short of your potential again.

There is a way to release and transform the situation that is making you feel stuck.

You CAN change the way you relate to your circumstance, discover your desired relationship outcome, and begin the next chapter of your life.

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Let Your Love Flow! (Update on Unlock the Block)

Did you check out my earlier post “Are You at a Crossroads?” in which I shared about my new Unlock the Block program? A lot of you have asked what kind of blocks am I referring to exactly and you’d like to know what will unfold as a result of moving through them. I’m really grateful for those of you who reached out like that. I was so excited to work with y’all in this new program that I wasn’t conscious that I was asking for a level of vulnerability that I haven’t really shared with you myself. I’d really like to do that, because I do believe we accomplish so much more when we share our experiences.

Here’s a vulnerable post that I shared on Facebook Live today (it relates to this post too):

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Announcing Arcana Academy!

Book and Candle

“Tarot is a living commitment to the truth.” ~Rachel Pollack

Would you like to strengthen your perception, create internal balance, or impose your will upon chaos? Then this class is for you!

Arcana Academy Presents: Awakening the Unconscious: An Introduction to Tarot, a three hour workshop introducing basic tenets of Tarot in an intimate class setting. Through playful exercises and creative storytelling, you will become acquainted with the archetypes and symbols of the Major and Minor Arcana and gain a personal sense of how to connect with them. Together we will create a sacred container to explore, gather and translate timeless spiritual wisdom. 

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