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Doctor Strange by Yildiray Cinar


Doctor Strange as drawn by Legion of Super-Heroes artist Yildiray Cinar!  This version of the good doctor is a grand gesturing guignol!  By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth, I love it!

Storm Sunday: Yildiray Cinar

storm by cinar

Today we celebrate the artwork of Yildiray Cinar, an artist from Istanbul, Turkey.  Although Cinar works for DC Comics (currently penciling The Legion of Super-Heroes), today we look at the art of many (and I mean many) Marvel characters he drew for Rittenhouse Archives.  Usually, Storm Sunday focuses solely on our weather maven (and she’s in here, I promise), but she’s going to share the spotlight with her Marvel Universe compatriots.  I will list the names of the characters for the uninitiated, but comments will be sparse as we let the art speak for itself!  If you have a favorite, let me know in the comments.  Let’s go!

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Let Your Lightray Shine!

“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or be the mirror who reflects it.” ~Edith Wharton

Lightray by Jack Kirby

The image above says it all!  “This is Lightray!  Lighthearted and brimming with personable qualities, he is the friendliest of the New Gods!  But when battle comes, he is a formidable foe!  In the clash between New Genesis and dread Apokolips, Lightray turns the power of light into a weapon of astounding magnitude!  Follow his exploits!  As goes Orion, so goes Lightray–into domains where even Gods are subject to the whims of grim destiny!”  Lightray was created by Jack Kirby as part of his New Gods Fourth World saga.  He first appeared in New Gods #1 (1971).  His costume is classic Kirby with sleek lines, complete with machine details (like his funky headgear), and the requisite underwear over tights.  I like its colors of gold, white and red, contrasted with his shock of orange hair.  I really appreciate Kirby creating a character with an optimistic outlook and think he is a great foil for his warlike friend Orion (who totally needs some kind of anger management classes).

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