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The Alchemy of Super-Heroes & Tarot

Spider-Man & Doctor Strange Team-Up for Tarot!

“Alchemy is the art of manipulating life, and consciousness in matter, to help it evolve, or to solve problems of inner disharmonies.”    ~Jean Dubuis

I have been fascinated by both super-heroes and the Tarot since I was thirteen years old.  I loved to immerse myself in Spider-Man’s ongoing dilemmas and the soap opera sagas of the X-Men.  I also felt a strong connection to the richly detailed figures in the Tarot.  Now that I am older, I have more clarity in how these two subjects relate to one another.  Let us explore these worlds of wonder together!

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Storm Sunday: Arthur Adams, Part IV

Storm_(by_Arthur_Adams)Today’s Storm Sunday is short and sweet, folks.  I simply had to share this gem of a drawing by Arthur Adams from 1991.  Art uses Ororo’s cape to great effect, rippling it into butterfly wings while her hair rises to the sky in stylistic solidarity.  Storm is all curves (as she should be when wearing this costume).  The tiara is perfect.  That is all.

In other Storm related comics reading, did anyone read the first issue of X-Men Forever?  I found it rather good fun.  I had forgotten how much I liked thought balloons.  It’s a flashback to a different time/style of storytelling.  I love the eight panel grids where every member is aboard the Blackbird and they are each reflecting about their motivations/actions.  Many subplots are introduced this way and I am looking forward to seeing how Chris Claremont moves all of them forward.  I have never found Fabian Cortez interesting but using him as a first issue adversary gives the reader an idea of what everyone’s powers and relationships are.  

The only thing that stuck in my craw was Gambit’s last name.  In the 616 Universe, Gambit is known as Remy LeBeau.  In X-Men Forever, he’s listed as Remy Picard.  Really?  His last name is the same as a certain Starship Captain who just happens to look like the movie universe’s version of Professor X?  It’s too much.  However, that is a minor quibble as I really enjoyed the rest of the issue.  It was nice to see Excalibur era Kitty Pryde and Nightcrawler hanging out with the 90s X-Men again.  Hells, it’s just nice to see Kitty Pryde again.  It looks like Wolverine will not be a part of the story and if upcoming covers are to be believed, then Sabretooth will be a member instead.  I’m interested in seeing how that plays out.  Not much stuff about Storm in this issue to write about.  There’s a moment in the battle where Cortez throws Rogue into Storm and their skins touch.  Later, Storm wants to talk about it ad Rogue doesn’t.  That’s it.  Definitely going to check out issue #2.

In the pages of Black Panther this month, Storm makes a deal with Death (?) to save T’Challa from the spirit realm.   That ought to go well.  Riiiight.

Uncanny X-Men has a grotesque panel or two of Storm fighting alongside the X-Men in the Sisterhood arc.  Seriously, it is painful to look upon.

I don’t have my stack of comics beside me right now, so I’m unsure if there’s some other comics I missed with Storm in them these last couple of weeks (Marvel Adventures Avengers, maybe?), but those are the ones that I recall.  I sure do wish that Arthur Adams was drawing Storm monthly these days!

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