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I ♥ The New Mutants, Part IV

My re-reading the entire run of Marvel Fanfare this past week has me energized about a lot of characters that were prominently featured around Marvel’s 25th anniversary.  The images from today’s post come from Marvel Fanfare #27 and are drawn by New Mutants co-creator, artist Bob McLeod!  Click on the artwork for the actual size of the scans.  Above, Danielle Moonstar communes with nature.  The former co-leader of the New Mutants looks positively divine as befits a character who went on to become a Valkyrie!  I would love to see that power returned to her in the recent relaunch of the New Mutants (written by Zeb Wells).
Here’s Cannonball, the other co-leader of the team, blasting off in the forest.  I love the composition of this piece.  The tree branches serve as a framing device, spotlighting the kinetic powers of good ol’ country boy Sam Guthrie.
Magik stands defiant, fighting demons in Limbo with her soulsword.  McLeod gave Illyana Rasputin a fierce demeanor befitting her warrior self.
Speaking of hotheads, here’s Sunspot, also known as Roberto DaCosta making a Sentinel into scrap metal.  Chec
The above image is a commission by Bob McLeod that I found while lurking on the X-Men Message Boards of Comic Book Resources.  There’s always some interesting discussions to be found there.

Check back for more amazing pinup goodness as I post my favorite artists drawing my favorite characters from the pages of Marvel Fanfare!

Don’t Call ‘Em X-Babies Anymore!

x-babies nmBill Sienkiewicz +  Chris Claremont + New Mutants = Perfection.  What else is there to say?  I could try to justify or even support why I feel this way, but I’m not going to.  Seek out these stories.  Read them aloud to the teenager in yourself and see how you might be transformed.  Start at New Mutants (the original series) #1 and keep going through #18 (like this Marvel ad recommends).  New Mutants lasted a total of 100 issues and it’s a bumpy ride at times.  Different creative teams and too many crossovers abound (Secret Wars II really takes its toll on these characters), but somehow my love for this era has never faltered.

It never will.

To be hated and to be feared by a world in which you want to find your place is everyone’s thesis on some level.  It’s a timeless tale, the hero’s quest, made better for also being about unity through community.     Do these characters become the next generation of X-Men as they were originally created to be?  Well, yes and no.  Characters in never-ending sequential art periodicals (now referred to as franchises) are not created for resolution.  They can never have the full arc of character growth.  The best the reader can hope for is a poignant chapter that speaks directly to their own experience AT THAT TIME.  That is what the New Mutants did for me.  Perhaps it might do the same for you.  It wouldn’t hurt to find out and besides, Sienkiewicz’s art will enrich your perception of comic book art (Also read Elektra:  Assassin by Sienkiewicz & Frank Miller).

I ♥ The New Mutants, Part III


Alex Ross channels his inner Bill Sienkiewicz for an upcoming cover of a new New Mutants title.  I am loving this cover, (especially since it has Cypher!) but it really needs Karma in it for the win (and yes, I know she wasn’t around much for the era that this image is tapping into, but Xi’an was one of the first five members and I love her).  The good new is that Zeb Wells, the writer for the series, has big plans for Karma and is going to center the first arc around her!new-mutants-bmBob McLeod pencilled the graphic novel and the first three issues of The New Mutants (first series).  His art will be gracing the cover of the one of the upcoming issues of the new series!  Awesome!

Wolverine & The X-Men Trailer

So Comic Book Resources has had the trailer for the upcoming Wolverine & The X-Men cartoon up for a while and while I love it (I mean, really, really love it), I’m a bit irked at the lack of Storm promo scenes. I had to watch it frame by frame to see Angel carrying her to actually get a glimpse of her costume. At least she’s featured prominently in the team photo images, but I would’ve like to see Ororo whip up some lightning just once.

There’s so many characters! I love Kitty Pryde’s look and it looked like Cannonball was standing next to her in a quick shot that pans across the team, but it might’ve been Iceman (but Bobby’s not a blond, folks!) Nice to see Nightcrawler too! And Scarlet Witch and Polaris! Woo Hoo! Looks like Emma Frost is featured prominently. That could be pretty cool, especially if we get to see the beginnings of her and Cyclop’s romance. I bet Jean Grey fans are disappointed though. This will be the first X-Men cartoon without her. She’s shown briefly in the very beginning when something strikes her and Xavier down. Then Xavier is okay and Jean’s nowhere to be seen. *sigh*
[brightcove vid=1539906042&exp=1534576510&w=486&h=412]   

Storm Sighting: X-Men Divided We Stand #1

Storm shows up briefly in this past week’s X-Men Divided We Stand #1 in a short story about Nehzno (aka Gentle) from The New X-Men. Drawn beautifully by Sana Takeda, Storm has one line but it clearly shows her gracious and compassionate nature. This was my favorite of the four stories in this comic. I found Nehzno’s story to be emotionally engaging, the art really flowed and I hope we haven’t seen the last of this character. The other three stories (about Anole, Cannonball, and Scalphunter) were too brief for me to connect with any of the characters. I recommend the comic simply for the fab Storm appearance and Nehzno narrative.

However, the overall comic *spoilers* is a bit sad. It works for the Nehzno story (I just love typing that name) but the other three stories are also downers. Cannonball is angry. Anole is angry. Nightcrawler tells Scalphunter he was hunting him down to kill him. Really? Kurt would do that? I can’t say I really understand his character these days (especially after the whole Draco thing), but I was surprised that Nightcrawler just stalked the guy and then left. Maybe he ought to get blades too and join X-Force.

It seems to me that these days the X-books are mired in a lot of angst driven, nihilistic, self deprecating storylines. I used to read X-Men comics because they inspired me, because I needed to look up to heroes. They gave me hope. Here’s hoping they find their way back to believing in a future worth fighting for again.

I ♥ The New Mutants, Part II

OMGoddess, I just found another amazing Bill Sienkiewicz illustration of the New Mutants on my computer and I had to share it with you! Is it not super stellar? I guess this is right before Cypher joins. *sighs* Someday I’ll do a post on poor Doug Ramsey. But for right now, let’s bask in the glow of awesomeness.

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