Medusa and Black Bolt by Colleen Doran

This Marvel Fanfare Monday we celebrate the lush linework of Colleen Doran!  The pinups presented today were scanned from Marvel Fanfare #38.  In that issue, Colleen Doran also illustrated a backup story written by Jo Duffy featuring Dazzler and Rogue.  It is a gem of a tale in which Rogue steals a musician’s power to play backup for Dazzler so they can save the day (naturally).  It’s a bit like the X-Men meet Gem and the Holograms.  I enjoy Colleen’s pencils on anything, whether it’s her creator owned epic saga A Distant Soil, art for Sandman, Lord of the Rings, or Legion of Super-Heroes.  I found an article about her from Comic Book Resources, but be sure to check out her blog as it is chockfull of amazing things to read!

Above we have a lovely portrait of Medusa and Black Bolt, King and Queen of the Inhumans.  Rarely is Black Bolt shown in such a relaxed manner.  It is particularly bittersweet to see the happy couple so in love after reading War of Kings, Marvel’s cosmic crossover saga, just a week or two ago.  Don’t want to spoil anything for those of you who haven’t read the series yet (I definitely recommend it), but let’s just say these two characters won’t be lolling about in the flower garden together anytime soon.

Balder by Collen Doran

Balder the Brave from Thor is in deep reflection looking every bit the noble born warrior that he is.  I love everything in this image, down to the smallest of details (for which Doran is famous)!  Balder had his own mini-series in 1985 the contents of which have just been published in a premier hardcover.  You can’t go wrong with this book, dear reader.  The amazing Walt Simonson wrote and drew the entire thing!

Longshot by Colleen Doran

Longshot is one of my top 5 favorite blonde crushes in the Marvel Universe and I absolutely adore how Colleen Doran portrays him in this image.  I always loved Longshot’s joyful naivete combined with his beginner’s mind approach to life.  Drawing him surrounded by nature makes a lot of sense to me as does having butterflies fly all around him.  They would be a great spirit totem for such a free spirit!  And say what you want about the mullet, but I like it here.

Magik by Colleen Doran

I saved my favorite image for last as it features Magik, teleporting sorceress of the New Mutants (easily my favorite member of that group with Danielle “Mirage” Moonstar and Doug “Cypher” Ramsey)!  This is one of my favorite pinups of Illyana Rasputin of all time because amazing attention is given to the character in every way!  The stance suggests her mastery, her expression shows her strength, the artifacts represent power and every bit of arcane design gives the reader insight to the complexity that is Magik!