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Princess Witch Boy Press: APE 2010

Alternative Press Expo 2010 was great fun!  I saw great folks from years past and met lots of new people!  Many issues of Princess Witch Boy #2 were sold and many Heroic Tarot readings were given!  Writers Old Fashioned had all new banners this year, hosted a comics demo and had our first panel!

Speaking on the panel was a great experience!  Everyone spoke from the heart, sharing their perspectives and process on creating comics.  Justin Hall was a great moderator, briskly moving us along from one topic to another.  His questions were poignant and he gave us all an opportunity to talk about our individual comics.

In addition to being the first stop for JK Parkin (from Robot 6 at Comic Book Resources), he also penned a lovely writeup of the Writers Old Fashioned panel and shares artwork from our current and upcoming projects.  I am so happy that PWB2 made it into his take home pile of comics!

Writers Old Fashioned at Alternative Press Expo 2010

Writers Old Fashioned at Alternative Press Expo 2010

Headed to this year’s Alternative Press Expo?

You are? Excellent!

Then you are invited to stop by the Writers Old Fashioned table to say hi to some old friends, pick up some amazing comics, check out our feature panel and comic making workshop on Saturday, and book a time for your Heroic Tarot reading with STORM!

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STORM Sunday: Princess Witch Boy Debuts!

Today was most probably the best day of my existence!  I launched my first self-published comic, my memoir fantasy PRINCESS WITCH BOY at the Alternative Press Expo here in San Francisco!  So much to share about APE, Isotope, Dean Haspiel, The Mini Comic Award of Excellence, Prism, Writers Old Fashioned and so much more, but right now I’d like to send out a big ol’ shout to everyone who came out to APE, and/or attended the signing for Dean Haspiel or the APE Aftermath party at Isotope, and/or bought my comic!  You know what?  Today was the best day ever!  (Creating) Art = (Creating) Community = Joy!

4003249093_3f3ce3d285_bThis is the cover of Princess Witch Boy, Book One:  Gateway.  Out titular hero looks at the reader as the spirits of three women float above him.  They represent the triple aspects ( shapechanger, supermodel sorceress and djinn) that the boy channels in times of crisis.  From left to right we have Galaxy Runway, Velvet and Replica)

signingHere I am working the Writers Old Fashioned booth while hawking my wares.  That’s the lovely Ms. Emily Stackhouse (Brazilianoir) in the background.  Photo by Zan!

signing birdseyeSigning personalized copies of Princess Witch boy at the Writers Old Fashioned booth.  Photo by Zan.


Posing with Ken Kneisel with our Wuvable Oaf tees on! We’re like twins!  Wuvable Oaf is the genius comic by Ed Luce!  Yes, you heard me.  I said genius.  I meant every syllable!  And since I’m choosing to spend this Sunday on me instead of Ororo, here’s some random images of the best character I’ve ever named myself after! *laughs*
Image by John Byrne
StormBigHair2 Olivier Coipel drew this fierce as all get out Storm image!
TheUncannyX-Men147-29 Doctor Doom has the hots for Storm and uh, Storm might like him, too? Huh?

And just in case you forgot:
storm fly in the face
Don’t try to fly in the face of facts alone or with friends. Or at all, really. If a mutant goddess can’t do it, what chance do you have?  So, instead of wasting time flying in the face of facts, try looking up some facts about the following people, places and things since I don’t have time to create links to all their names.  That’s right, dear reader, Google some information on Isotope Comic Book Lounge, Writers Old Fashioned, Alternative Press Expo, Dean Haspiel, Prism, and mini-comics.  Stay tuned to and I will let you know how you can order your very own copy of PRINCESS WITCH BOY! Mwah!


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