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White Queen Wednesday: The Outfit

An Emma Frost Salon
by Ken Kneisel


Welcome to White Queen Wednesday, gentle reader. Forget the affair, the drugs, the drinking and the villainous history. Easily the most controversial element of Emma Frost’s character is her signature scandalously skimpy sartorial style. Emma’s penchant for revealing costumes is well documented, ever since she first strode onto the scene sporting little more than lingerie and a cape.

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Marvel Fanfare Monday: David Mazzucchelli


Every Monday for the month of September I shall be presenting some of my favorite artists from the short lived Marvel Fanfare series!  Today we look at the cover of issue #40 by David Mazzucchelli featuring Angel!

3785887559_7917b5f3d8_o (1)In this story by Ann Nocenti, Angel falls into the life of a sweet little old lady whose religious beliefs are seemingly proven by his sudden appearance.  It’s a sweet story that depicts the woman finding a new lease on life thanks to Angel (Who surprisingly doesn’t have any lines!).  Mazzucchelli carefully carries the story with his linework which is both bold and intimate.  There’s another page from this story here as well as a nice summary of Mazzucchelli’s superhero work for Marvel and DC Comics.  The Marvel Fanfare page is immediately following the amazing unused (!) cover of X-Factor #16.

By the way, you are reading Asterios Polyp, right?

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