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Do you know someone who would appreciate their very own reading? It’s always the season to purchase Heroic Tarot Gift Certificates for your loved ones!


When I’m piecing together a collage painting, I like to create a story with the images. For Secret Operatives, I imagined two secret agents from different countries meeting and falling in love. Their love was so strong that it spanned multiple assignments and several continents. The passport pages, money, and stamps symbolize their travel, while the vintage checkerboard paper stands in for the intrigue they endured. The postcard of the tree was a letter from him to her, a reminder of the growth and stability they offered one another. I used a limited palette for the paintings, choosing to draw with black and brown ink, and age the images with Lipton and hibiscus tea. What stories do you see in these pieces?

Secret Operatives, 2017. Mixed Media Diptych on wood. 13 3/4″ (height) x 22 3/4″ (width = 11″ + 11″ + 2 3/4 space between) – 1 5/8″ measurements (alone) and (together) $680.

Sacred Super-Hero Candles

Super-heroes are modern day myths who inspire us with their stories of derring do. Sacred Super-Hero Candles are created with the intention of celebrating and infusing our lives with the attributes of these characters. I select images from comic books, collage them onto 8 inch jar candles, and seal them with several layers of Poylcrylic. I specifically choose which color candle I feel will enhance the power of the featured character (Red=Passion, Orange=Power, Yellow=Clarity, Green=Healing/Abundance, Blue=Calm/Flow, White=Purification/Protection). Candles are sold in pairs.


and shipped in USPS Medium Flat Rate Boxes. 

Rogue & X-Men Legacy. Cover of X-Men: Legacy #275 featuring art by Mark Brooks of a variety of X-Men characters (green candle) and a variant cover of X-Men Legacy featuring Rogue as Madonna from Vogue (blue candle). 

Princess Leia from Star Wars. Artwork by Terry Dodson. Same image on both candles. One yellow and one white candle. 


Magik and The New Mutants. Demon Sorceress and teleporter Illyana Rasputin (Magik) poses in an image by Chris Bachalo and a cover of The New Mutants from The Demon Bear Saga by Bill Sienkiewicz shows our intrepid students in an hypnotic gaze. Both candles are yellow. 


Doctor Doom and Dormammu. Bring on the bad guys! These two villains are coming at ya from their Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe entries! Doctor Doom’s candle is green (naturally) and Dormammu’s is orange (I just think there’s something really cool about a Dormammu candle; I mean, the guy’s head is on fire!).


Death from Sandman. Two images of Death of the Endless from the pages of Sandman: Overture by J. H. Williams III. Perfect gifts for the goth or existentialist in your family. One orange and one green candle.