This was the best Tarot Reading of all time. Storm is deeply connected to the work, tuning in and honoring the highest self and divine elements. His energy is kind, healing and empathetic. The reading gave me insight and clarity. Storm is a stellar Tarot practitioner, giving great gifts to those needing insight from the Tarot.

~Jesse B.

* * * * *

Storm has such a wonderfully calming and charming presence that you cannot help but feel you are about to embark on some magical fun with a trusted ally.

I opted for his awesome X-Men tarot deck when the regular cards needed some more clarity about my questions. Storm is so creative and caring as he interprets the cards and what they mean for your life. He is very open and easy to talk with as he goes through the reading. After my reading he provided me with a digital version of my reading so I could review it on my own.

Schedule a reading with Storm to gain some insights into whatever is on your mind or just for fun!

~Desiree Valdez

* * * * *

I’ve been participating in readings with Storm for about a year now.  A lovely soul with a great smile, the first time I met him I knew I could trust him.  I felt calm in his presence and at ease.  I had a big decision on my shoulders and really needed some guidance.  After my first session, and seeing how true the outcome was, I knew Storm was incredibly gifted and have since been a loyal customer.

Since I’m a repeat customer, the cards and spreads change depending on what I’m looking to gain guidance on.  He is always dead on with needs and customizes your readings as such.  It’s personalized and I appreciate that, nothing cookie cutter about anything.  He’s incredibly caring and easy to talk to, so your fears and inhibitions dissipate.  He has an impeccable reputation here in San Francisco, the best in the city.  Its no wonder why with his gift and sweet soul, it’s the perfect combination.

I trust Storm and can’t imagine going to anyone else.  The insights I’ve received are incredibly helpful and powerful.  I highly recommend Storm to anyone, anywhere.

~Jennifer Kirk

* * * * *

Storm begins his session with some calm, fun, harmless banter. We broke the ice, spoke pleasantly for a few minutes, and talked about the most friendly of subjects. I mentioned to him how he had come highly recommended, and he was modestly pleased to hear that. Believe me when I say this, you will not find a more easy going, sincere, nice person than Storm. He put me in a place where all of my skepticism and nervousness that existed before were no more. I was ready to begin.

The session itself was on the nose at every turn. Life, work, love, family, past, present, future — all were examined in detail and provided feedback that I could genuinely agree with as being accurate. Moreover, everything Storm did, said, and asked me led me to believe that – not only was he the real deal – but that he actually cares/cared about my emotional well being, my ability to process the information he was giving me, and my strength to tackle the problems we discussed. I therefore feel like it’s safe to say that Storm’s readings are as validating to the soul as therapy may be. I honestly feel like after my session, I had a better understanding of where I need to focus my concentrations and heart, where I need to heal, and where I also need to let bygones be bygones.

I recommend him to any and everyone. Be advised that he does Skype readings (this may warrant some skepticism from some of you, but my understanding is that there are steps that he takes to prove to you that it’s possible, and that it’ll be as accurate for you as my in person session was to me). So, consider it.

~Bryan H.

* * * * *

I am completely blown away by Storm’s reading. Storm is very nice, emphatic, non judgmental and very intuitive. He is able to articulate the meaning of each Tarot card with the context of the individual’s situation.  He was on time, he did not rush the reading and he simply followed the path of each card to explain me past and future. I LOVED it when he told me he does not read cards reversed. I am in total agreement with that. There is enough to say about each card (yin and yang) without having to add the complexity of trying to interpret them reversed.  Thank you again. The reading was ***** AWESOME *****

~Arnaud D.

* * * * *

We heart Storm. We engaged him to come to our company Open House after reading his reviews on Yelp. Everything was organized via email without difficulty. He arrived early and was very easy to work with.

Our guests were charmed by him. Everyone who had a reading felt a connection with him. We would definitely have Storm come to read cards for us again.

~Heather C.

* * * * *

(My boyfriend and I) decided to be adventurous on a Friday night and get a couples reading with Storm for fun. To be honest, i was nervous and worried but after he sat us down and began to explain things to us, I was instantly calmed and at ease with the whole situation. We had no idea what questions to ask or what information we wanted to know but Storm had fun with us and gave us some really great jumping off points to get the reading started. We left our reading energized, enlightened, completely understood and ready for another visit to the Heroic Tarot!!

I had no idea what to expect or what to get out of it, but I’m fascinated and impressed by Storm’s talent. He is insightful, deeply passionate, knowledgeable, and a real seer of souls. It was such a memorable experience and I highly recommend Storm to both avid tarot customers and newbies like us. We had a great time!!!

~Sandy Hayashi

* * * * *

I mean, I’m friends with Storm, so there’s that, but I was surprised by how interesting and helpful and legit my tarot reading with him was. He takes an intentionally demystifying approach to the craft and I found it works less like prayer and more like constructive therapy. For me, the cards and the spread are an architecture more than anything else, like looking for words in a Boggle board. He also hit me with some cool background about the craft and its relation to the modern playing card deck. Recommended to anyone looking for a fresh angle in their thinking.

~Sean Maher

* * * * *

Let me first say that I’m not into the tarot/future-telling/soothsaying scene. I don’t normally buy into it. I don’t consider myself especially spiritual. I’ve had tarot readings before, but they were always quick experiences, over before I could get into any kind of receptive mindset, and easily dismissed. They’d all left me with a sour taste in my mouth.

But I love comics.

I heard Storm was doing readings with an X-Men deck, and I knew I was in for at least one more reading. I mean, what an idea! It was brilliant.

Boy, was I in for a treat. Where other ‘readers’ had rushed me in and out of their sessions, Storm was genuinely into the process and I could tell I was getting a personal experience. He spoke to me on a very deep level, using his abilities with the deck, and his uncanny (get it?) knowledge of all things X-Men. It was almost more introspective than I had anticipated and challenged me from directions I had ignored before.

Storm was professional and honest. Perfect for a die-hard X-Men fan or your aunt who doesn’t know anything about the Marvel Universe. You’ll walk out the door with a new perspective. Highly recommended!

~Greg Hinkle

* * * * *

An exceptional experience.  My girlfriend and I were interested in doing something different for date night, so we decided to get a couple’s tarot reading from Storm’s Heroic Tarot.  Now I’m pretty science-minded, but it was a ton of fun!  His reading was surprisingly accurate in many respects and he gave us some great advice both individually and as a pair.  Storm is a funny, charming guy and makes you feel right at home.  If you’ve never had a reading before, I think this is the perfect place to start.

~Alex Grigera

* * * * *

I hired Storm for a corporate event I was organizing and he did an amazing job!  He was professional, on time and very entertaining.  I also had a private reading at the store beforehand to get a feel for him and his method and felt very welcomed and at ease.  Also, I loved all the cute hand painted furniture and crafts for sale at Swankety Swank!

I highly recommend him for any event, public or private.

~Eileen U.

* * * * *

I recently moved to Lower Haight, and while bumping around buying Xmas prezzies slash checking out my new hood I decided to check out Swankety Swank. They had small watercolor paintings of X-Men for sale, and when I heard that what they actually were were gift certificates for an hour-long X-Men tarot card reading, my heart leapt. Perfect jokey present, right? Sure.

I decided to try it out, though, because the concept was SO AWESOME it made me giddy.

I’m not a tarot-y person. When I was younger I had the requisite “books by Robert Anton Wilson/Subgenious/Crowley/REsearch phase,” but I never took it seriously and mainly just liked them because I have paranoid tendencies and a love for cultural footnotes. That’s as close to spirituality as I ever came. So believe me when I say that having Storm read my cards was TOTALLY FUCKING MIND-BLOWING.

And I’ll tell you why: Storm’s a goddamn genius. Beyond the fact that he’s genuinely intuitive in a way that I literally cannot believe I’m discussing in a public forum (Jean-Grey facing outwards as the 9 of spades led him to say, “You’re probably having nightmares about money lately,” when in fact I’d woken up the night before at 4 a.m. with investment-based night terrors), Storm has found a way to make a thing I’ve always filed under witch-y, hippie bullshit accessible to a jaded sociopath like me.

Here’s the thing. I have NO IDEA what the 2 of Swords means in traditional tarot. It’s based on archaic symbolism with various shades of meaning and (usually) poorly drawn images (sorry, Rider-Waite). But I pretty much instinctively know what Jubilee high kicking someone in the face means. Or Iceman doing his thing and looking awesome. Or Magneto looking super-pissed. And not only does Storm draw from the card itself while explaining the tradition meaning thereof, he also has an encyclopedic knowledge of the various X-Men storylines, and he weaves that into the narrative, as well. And then you can pile on Storm’s personal mutant abilities (because I’m SO MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE with the concept of someone having mutant powers rather than psychic ones), and whoops! I’ve got a standing monthly appointment with the man.

Cuz you know what? Everyone needs a spiritual guide at some point. I got lucky and found a supertall, totally attractive one who wears makeup and can geek out metaphysically on comic books. Which, I feel, kicks the shit out of an emaciated hairy gnome in a mountain who speaks in riddles.

Everyone come drink the Kool-Aid. It’s incredible.

~Jason Darling

* * * * *

I had my first reading with the lovely and talented Storm at Heroic Tarot as a birthday present this past year.  I like to use my birthday instead of new years eve as a time to reflect, reevaluate, make resolutions, figure out goals, and choose a direction for the coming year.  Which is boring and grown-up and reeks of responsibility, if not for Storm. He makes it fun from the start by using X-MEN TAROT CARDS!!  Where else can you have your tarot read based on Wolverine and Gambit?! It’s such a special & unique experience, you can’t help but relax and open up during your reading.

Storm is charming, insightful, perceptive, delightful, and divine!  He took his time during our session to carefully explain the cards, allow me to take notes, and answer as many follow-up questions as I needed.  I could tell it was important to him that the reading was meaningful for me.  He went above and beyond to help me talk through what the cards might mean and how it might relate to my life, past, present, and future. Storm manages the difficult balance of being incredibly professional and having the highest standards of customer service, without feeling stuffy or detached.  It was an inspiring, fun, powerful experience that left me in tears more than once!  I look forward to going back soon for my follow-up reading.

If you want a personalized, thoughtful, creative tarot reading this is the reading for you.


* * * * *

Storm gave my husband and I a couple’s reading a few weeks ago and I can NOT rave about it enough.  The cards Storm uses are unique, making your experience that much more meaningful.  The reading included symbolism from the elements of the earth, the hierarchy of the court, the characters of X-Men (!), and the more traditional arcana.   Storm takes you on a journey, guiding you through your questions and challenges.

The reading was an all encompassing, completely professional, and extremely special reading. I highly recommend it.

~Emily Stackhouse

* * * * *

A REVELATION!  I’ve had a few Tarot readings over the years, but the reading Storm gave my partner and I was the clearest, the most spot-on, and the most insightful.  And definitely the most fun, because Storm uses X-Men playing cards as his deck — a unique method that combines his knowledge of the traditional Tarot and deeper-than-anyone-I-know understanding (and I know a lot of comics geeks, being one myself) of the X-Men.  After the reading I felt like I wanted to go back and read old X-Men comics — who knew those characters could provide genuine spiritual guidance?  Most important when it comes to psychic reading experiences, his guidance really helped resolve the problem we brought to the reading.  Very highly recommended.

~Darieck Scott

* * * * *

I recently hired Storm to come to a private party in my home. I had about a dozen guests and decided that having a tarot card reader would be something fun and different for my guests. That was a good move 🙂

Storm was a huge hit at my party. He arrived, as planned, dressed appropriately and a little earlier than the party start time. He immediately got settled and then greeted guests with me at the door.

The feedback I received from my guests was overwhelmingly positive. Storm was warm, very charming, and provided insightful readings for all. For my apprehensive friends who hadn’t had a tarot card reading before: total hit! He stayed a little later than planned because some readings took a little longer, but this was not an issue and I certainly appreciated him doing this.I would not hesitate to recommend Storm and I will certainly have him back again! He is an exceptionally talented card reader.
~Rebecca C.
* * * * *
Storm is a pure soul and he is very accurate.  He is very knowledgeable and seems to have a passion to help the person he is reading for. I like the way he makes you feel very comfortable and explains everything to you in full detail. I live in Los Angeles and made the effort to have a reading done by him purely because of his reputation. He lived up to it. Definitely an amazing reading by an amazing person.
~Ryane M.
* * * * *

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