Welcome to Heroic Tarot!

Initially founded in San Francisco in 2008, Heroic Tarot and Arcana Academy started out as one-on-one meetings in coffeehouses and retail stores. It was my  unique brand of divination featuring Marvel X-Men Super Heroes that put me on the map and earned me multiple awards and accolades, including a Best of the Bay award in 2010.

Shortly thereafter, I began to offer readings and coaching remotely. Today I mentor students and clients from all over the world. Not content to use Tarot as simply an occasional burst of inspiration, I am dedicated to supporting a larger arc of transformation in the lives of my clients. I offer a variety of coaching programs that provide continual support as I tap into my clients’ creativity to reframe and rewrite the stories of their lives.

The Mission

My work focuses on one simple question: How can we awaken our unconscious?

The Tarot is a complex tool that I make accessible to everyone through readings and study. Tarot reveals the story you are living versus the story you are thinking and speaking. It exposes the contradictions between the story we live and the story we want to live.

Working with specific archetypes and symbols activates new perspectives. Tarot readings evoke emotions that are unique to your experience, providing clarity your rational mind cannot provide. This awakening of the unconscious leads to a better relationship with your mind and heart, body and spirit.   

Awareness is more important than solutions. You can change your attitude and the manner of how you choose. Tarot presents possibilities for you to consider and I can be your guide to the proper questions that demand skillful conversation.

My ultimate goal is to help you change focus to what you want, and find clarity by building on the strengths you already have. This will provide you with the tools to live a life filled with happiness and satisfaction.

What Clients Think

I am fortunate to provide Tarot readings and education to people from all over the world. My clients include CEOs and entrepreneurs, teachers and students, leaders and innovators, artists and healers, and many other fine folks who want to awaken their unconscious and lead more fulfilled lives.

Here’s what some of them have to say:

This was the best Tarot Reading of all time. Storm is deeply connected to the work, tuning in and honoring the highest self and divine elements. His energy is kind, healing and empathetic. The reading gave me insight and clarity. Storm is a stellar Tarot practitioner, giving great gifts to those needing insight from the Tarot. ~Jesse B.


I have received several readings from Storm and always come away with new helpful perspectives on the particulars of my life. His insight has been highly instrumental in helping me as I’ve built a thriving business and worked on personal self improvement. I consider myself one of his regular clients and am thrilled to recommend his services. ~Yabette S.


I’ve been participating in readings with Storm for a few years now. A lovely soul with a great smile, the first time I met him I knew I could trust him. I felt calm in his presence and at ease. I had a big decision on my shoulders and really needed some guidance. After my first session, and seeing how true the outcome was, I knew Storm was incredibly gifted and have since been a loyal customer. 

Since I’m a repeat customer, the cards and spreads change depending on what I’m looking to gain guidance on. He is always dead on with needs and customizes your readings as such. It’s personalized and I appreciate that, nothing cookie cutter about anything. He’s incredibly caring and easy to talk to, so your fears and inhibitions dissipate. He has an impeccable reputation here in San Francisco, the best in the city. Its no wonder why with his gift and sweet soul, it’s the perfect combination. ~Jennifer K.

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