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Month: June 2013

Amazing Accolades for Heroic Tarot

Cactus FlowerWe are really feeling the love at Heroic Tarot this week!  Our San Francisco Yelp site has kept its 5 star reviews for more than three years and now our Santa Fe Yelp reviews are maintaining that fine tradition!  Check out what kind of experiences people have had with Heroic Tarot!

Jen K. shared this:

I’ve been participating in readings with Storm for about a year now.  A lovely soul with a great smile, the first time I met him I knew I could trust him.  I felt calm in his presence and at ease.  I had a big decision on my shoulders and really needed some guidance.  After my first session, and seeing how true the outcome was, I knew Storm was incredibly gifted and have since been a loyal customer.

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Divine Devotions: The Lotus Sutra

Lotus Flower
In our search to connect with Spirit, we create devotions to find our center.  One way to do this is through the practice of chanting. Chanting transmutes negative energy to positive and is another way to activate one’s higher self.  Chanting helps quiet the interior mental chatter so we can focus our attention to our intuition.  It is in listening to our inner voice that we find balance. Chanting can transport you to another realm and activates your body’s natural healing processes. Chanting simply benefits your overall well-being.

One well known chant from the Buddhist tradition is the Lotus Sutra. This chant focuses on helping others come to a new realization of their lives through the ideal of the bodhisattva. A 13th-century Japanese priest by the name of Nichiren found a way to unveil the full motive of the Lotus Sutra’s benevolence.

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The Qabalah: The Mystical Process in Reverse

The Qabalah is a theosophical system stemming from Jewish mystical inner teachings.  It contains great knowledge for those who wish to study it, yet it holds even greater relevance for those seeking a psychic quest or spiritual adventure.

Qabalah is not composed of fixed ideas.  Instead,  it trains the student in new ways to think. The word Qabalah is from the root word, Qabal, which means “to receive.” Qabalah means “the reception.” The student must be open to receive the concepts via symbols.

Qabalah teaches us there is only one great being, a self who is the entirety of the universe. This One Being is all that was, is or will be. There is no obsession with simple dichotomies of “good versus evil” that limit overall awareness. There is one, with no secondary attribution. There is no “other.”

The Qabalistic method consists of a series of related symbols upon which the student reflects. As an inner relationship between the symbols becomes clear, the student taps into energy the symbol represents and encounters a deep awakening. Through this process, the awareness shifts from a personal search for meaning to that of the One Being, currently enjoying being a human in time.

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Are You at a Crossroads?

One of my favorite deities from the Yoruba tradition is Eshu the trickster.  Like all of the Orishas, Eshu has many names and functions. One of Eshu’s most celebrated aspects protects travelers and blesses roads, especially crossroads.  He is the god of choice and change, is able to speak any language known to mortal and god alike, and is free to break any rule. His protean nature and his powers of fortune (and misfortune) have made him popular in many countries. The number three is sacred to him and his assistance is often measured in this number (three things may happen in quick succession, or in three days, weeks, or months time. Here is a short story about Eshu that I found here (Wikipedia has a similar story):

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