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Month: May 2013

Let there be Light! Heroic Tarot’s June Schedule

The SunMan is most nearly himself when he achieves the seriousness of a child at play.  ~Heraclitus

In Tarot readings the presence of The Sun (seen above from The Crystal Tarot by Philip Permutt) symbolizes the dynamic vital energy of the true self. Or you can think of The Sun as representing the aspect of our self that is the inner child as this card shines new light into our lives in the forms of joy, optimism, enthusiasm, and playfulness.  When The Sun appears in a reading it is a time of new creativity and personal growth.  Do you recognize your own accomplishments?  What commitments have you made with yourself and others?  What new projects are you bringing into fruition? Are you sharing your light with others? Heroic Tarot can assist you in establishing more light in your light with clarity and enthusiasm!

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Dancing between Worlds

Tulips My May return to San Francisco was so much fun I had to extend my trip! Well, actually I realized that I had filled the entire week with work and forgot to leave time for play.  Many thanks to all of my clients who made in-person appointments. It was lovely to catch up with regular clients as well as meet so many new folks.  I also provided readings for two special events which made my return trip possible.

At the first event, I had a blast reading cards on board the lovely Empress yacht for a night time tour of the Bay! The captain and crew of the Empress were super accommodating, so if you are ever in need of a boat themed event be sure to look them up! The second event celebrated a new book release by author Evette Davis, entitled “Woman King.” Evette is a political consultant living in San Francisco and her new book (the first in a three volume paranormal trilogy) is based there as well.  After a week of individual readings, events and classes, I needed some well-deserved rest and recreation. Here’s some of the places I visited:

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