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Month: April 2013

Like a Phoenix from the Ashes: Transcending Loss

Three of Swords“You cannot protect yourself from sadness without protecting yourself from happiness.” ~Jonathan Safran Foer

According to the Golden Dawn tradition, the title for the Three of Swords is “Sorrow.”  Of all the Minor Arcana Tarot cards it most clearly presents an image of distress.  However, for all of its desolation, this image depicts a certain kind of balance. The three swords are neatly embedded in the heart in the midst of a rainstorm. Sadness requires one reaction–we must take the pain into our hearts, welcome it and go beyond it. The test is to bring the sorrow deeply within us until it is changed completely by love and trust. Pushing the agony away only distances us from the lesson we are being asked to learn.  Oftentimes we ignore the situations or relationships in our lives that are too stressful. We try to avoid any stressful thoughts, but this only serves to cement the hold the pain has on us. The evolution of our healing depends on our ability to accept the heartbreak.

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Be True to Your Self: Heroic Tarot’s May Schedule

Justice“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.” ~Benjamin Franklin

In Tarot readings the presence of Justice (seen above from The Cosmic Tarot) indicates that you have what you deserve.  That is, situations have worked out accordingly from what you have sowed in the past. This card also represents complete honesty. It also shows that you can prevent future heartache by learning a lesson in the present. Are you willing to be true to yourself?  Are your relationships (including the one with yourself) in equal partnership? What consequences are you experiencing from a past action and how can you make an adjustment to balance out the energies? Heroic Tarot can assist you in establishing equilibrium!

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Planting Seeds: Heroic Tarot’s April Schedule

Ace of Pentacles: Robin Wood deck“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.” ~Robert Louis Stevenson

The Ace of Pentacles (shown above from the Robin Wood Tarot Deck) is a gift.  It is Earth in all of her glory, bearing magic in concrete terms.  This Ace is a new beginning, a seed for a garden of delights, and the realization of one’s intention.  It gives us results via stable structures and our skill sets.  What new project are you starting?  Can you visualize the results?  What would make you feel more grounded?  Heroic Tarot can assist you in bringing your ideas into fruition!

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