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Month: March 2012

April Showers Bring Great Powers: Heroic Tarot’s April Schedule

#fool of #april! #heroictarot #stormantic #tarotYou will gain wisdom only when you realize how much you don’t know” ~Mary K. Greer

Ah, to be a Fool for April–to skip along the springtime blossoms with the wisdom and whimsy of youth!  Although the origins of the prankster holiday April Fools Day are shrouded in mystery (much like the Tarot)–and culturally the word “fool” usually refers to someone easily duped or tricked–the archetype of the Fool has a much richer history:

In her book, Tarot Wisdom: Spiritual Teachings and Deeper Meanings, Rachel Pollack reveals:

The iconic modern image of the Fool as a joyous innocent setting off on a journey comes originally from the Rider deck of Arthur Edward Waite and Pamela Coleman Smith. Arms out, happy and carefree, the Fool appears about to step off a cliff. He is fearless, simply because he has never learned to be afraid.

The Fool is the childlike nature in all of us that trusts with an open heart. Since he makes his choices based on love, not out of fear, he finds his needs met by the Universe.  He is a symbol of new beginnings and second chances.  However, as Pollack says:

…the fool as a free spirit is not just a concept. If we can identify with the Fool and allow the card to spark some of that spontaneity in ourselves, we too can do what is necessary in the right moment.

How is the energy of the Fool at work in your life? Are you allowing him to let go of what others think of you and follow your dreams? When was the last time you took a risk?  Come in for a Heroic Tarot reading and discover how you can live every minute to the fullest!

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Fortune Favors The Bold: Heroic Tarot’s March Schedule

The Wheel of Fortune!

“The day you decide to do it is your lucky day.” – Japanese Proverb


The month of March often brings to mind luck, both positive (Saint Patrick’s Day) and negative (the Ides of March).  Luck is akin to our ideas about destiny or karma, the notion that whatever we do comes back to us (The Wiccan Rede).  The Wheel of Fortune (picture above from The Cosmic Tarot) is the tenth Major Arcana card and specifically speaks to the cycles of fortune and poverty, life and death.  The Wheel brings the possibilities for rewards from our endeavors.  The Wheel turns and we learn from change.  We take risks and make decisions that affect our lives far beyond what we can see in the present.  In her book Who Are You In The Tarot?, Mary K. Greer says, “Above all, the Wheel of Fortune shows flexibility and the ability to grasp opportunities when they happen..ride the low points with as much ease as you ride the crests, knowing that such extremes are temporary and you will endure.”

Are you presently riding a low point?  Is there a situation in your life that requires greater understanding?  Do you feel that someone else is at the wheel of your fortune?  Working with Tarot can help.  Heroic Tarot was born out of my desire to assist people with insight, introspection and intuition.  Make your appointment today and let Luck be a lady tonight!

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