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Month: January 2012

Have A Happy Heroic New Year!

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I love New Year’s Day! It’s a time to review the past year and renew our intentions for the future!  It’s also the anniversary of Heroic Tarot, marking my third year of bringing introspection, intuition and insight to the public!  If you are looking for a fresh start and need some direction, please contact me!

My available Tarot appointment times for January are listed below.

Heroic Tarot gift certificates are also available! They make a lovely individualized gift for your friend or loved one!

Email stormantic(at)gmail(dot)com to reserve y0ur reading, order a gift certificate or inquire about having Heroic Tarot at your event!

Telephone readings take place on Tuesdays, starting at noon Pacific Time.

Heroic Tarot January Schedule

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Saturday, January 28th:  5 & 6pm.
Sunday, January 29th: 1 pm.
* * * * *

If you would like a reading and none of these times fit your schedule, please let me know and I will do my best to find a time that works for you!

May you achieve prosperity and abundance in the new year!

~Storm Arcana



2012: The Year Of The Hierophant

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The Hierophant is the fifth Major Arcana card of the Tarot and as such represents knowledge and guidance, both of the material world and the spiritual.  Have you ever met a random stranger whose wisdom completely spoke to your situation in an eerily prophetic way?  That is the power of the Hierophant at work.  What is your comfort level with authority figures and how do you handle power?  How are you both student and teacher in your life?  What part does tradition or ritual play in your effectiveness in creating structure?  These questions are especially important to us all as 2012 is the Year of the Hierophant!

Change, action and challenge are a few of the aspects associated with the number five and a Hierophant year will be rife with adversity.  Which means we will all be honing our abilities to problem solve.  2012 will be a year in which the stability we created last year will be tested.  The best way to work with this is trust your inner guides.  Like the willow tree, we will all have to find ways to bend without breaking as harsh winds blow around us.  Examine your traditions and decide which still apply to the new circumstances surrounding you.  Strictly adhering to your past conventions will trip you up more than usual, so making small adjustments as your situations shift will benefit you much more in the long run.

Many people go back to school or receive new training in a Hierophant year.  Enhancing our professional skill sets is of the utmost importance now.  Each of us has a sage within who examines our lessons to find the knowledge we need to continue on our path.  When we apply this knowledge it becomes wisdom.  Question your beliefs and ask which still work for you.  The best way to determine this is to look carefully at which of your values promote growth instead of limiting it.

People will be looking for teachers this year and they may look to you for guidance.  Conversely, you may be looking to others for leadership.  Make sure that whatever information you share comes from the heart.  Reciting facts in a mechanical manner will not create the needed connections.  If you align your spiritual self with your intelligence you will help yourself as well as assist others.

The Hierophant year can certainly be a trying time as we examine the role of authority in our lives, learn which traditions represent our true selves, and teach in order to learn.  Be patient and compassionate with yourself and others as you learn to understand your power in discovering your own truth.

2012 as the year of  the Hierophant applies to us all.  It is an overall lesson we must learn as a living planet-wide community.  To discover which Major Arcana card specifically speaks to your individual experience for 2012, receive your Triumph Reading from Heroic Tarot!

Bright Blessings!

~Storm Arcana



Your Triumph Reading For 2012!

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For the last two years, Heroic Tarot has provided comprehensive readings to a diverse clientele from San Francisco and beyond!   As we adventure into 2012, I am committed to bringing you Introspection, Intuition and Insight more than ever.  To celebrate Heroic Tarot’s birthday, I am offering a new reading that will focus on what you can expect to encounter in 2012!

This new reading–called The Triumph Reading–will examine which Major Arcana cards correspond to your Birth Year, and the lessons that they bring to your life.  Looking at the challenges associated with 2012 will open you up to more magickal possibilities!

I will continue to offer my Classic Individual Readings answering questions micro and macro for one hour.  Classic Individual Readings use the entire Tarot deck, result in a large spread and can address specific questions in a more conversational manner.

The Triumph Reading also lasts an hour, but only uses the Major Arcana cards corresponding to your birth date and your challenges in 2012.  Throughout the month of January, I am offering The Triumph Reading!

I have posted my January schedule here. Email me when you are available to come in for your reading and let me know whether you want a Classic Individual Reading or The Triumph Reading.

I am excited about bringing this new service to you!  I wish you Bright Blessings in this new year!

~Storm Arcana


My name is STORM and I endorse this tea bag yogi® wisdom. #heroictarot #tarot

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